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Geocahing, The Ultimate Personality Test..

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Today I travelled from my home in Suffolk 250 miles to work in North Wales, on the way I planned to doa few caches to stop me getting bored.


During the drive I landed up in convoy with my work buddy who I have worked with for 15 years.. he's a placid funny chap who I get on with very well, I called him on the cellphone and asked if he wanted to do a cache with me as I figured he could do with another hobby and I could get him into geocaching..


We approached "Happy Meal" which is right by the road we were driving up, so no big detour, parked the cars, I loaded the coordinates into my iQue, launched CacheNav, explained to my friend that the arrow is pointing to the cache and the distance would count down as he neared the target.. then... WHOOSH! off he went like a greyhoud out of a trap.


I ran after him wondering what the panic was.. I treat geocaching like a gentle stroll in the country, he was a man posessed!


I caught up with him at the top of a path in some trees looking confused; "The arrows going mad!" he cried, "yeah it's the tree cover, just walk about a bit and get a consensus I offered..


"ZOOOM!!!.." he went, dashing this way & that, it was at this point I broke out the clue, it was helpful, but not a giveaway, the GPS wouldn't give us an accurate fix, but the clue was good enough for us to start searching the rocks all around us.. he was dashing about like a lunatic screaming "It's not here! it's not here!" "yes, I explained, that's the fun, hunting for it.." "eh?" he replied before scrambling up a muddy bank with my precious iQue in his left hand.. then it started to snow..


We were in shirtsleeves and getting soaked wasn't on the agenda so started to make our way back to the car.. once I was under a clear sky I looked at the GPS (I'd taken it back off him because he was going to break it!) the cache was 300 feet away, "It's over there" I said.. VROOOOM! he went away from the cars into the snow.. "NO!! I shouted, not that way!" "I want to look over HERE!" he shouted back like a 2 year old.. "It's not there" I muttered like a disapointed father..


I started making my way back to the car.. then from behind me I heard the sound of someone running reeeeally fast, we were going down a hill. ..now, we all remember being 9 years old and running down a hill don't we.. we all remember how our bodies started going faster than our legs and then the inevitable...


VRRROOOOOM CRASH! SKIIIIDDDDD.. rolled the 39 year old business professional past me in the mud & shingle...


Tomorrow we have work to do in the County Court, my friend has mud splattered trousers and a pronounced limp.


I ticked off an easier cache later in the drive, he watched from his car, I don't think I converted a newbie. (And who knew my placid, father of 2, sensible friend is actually a lunatic??)



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That was great! I laughed through the whole story. Very well told, thank you.

It seems your friend thinks that geocaching is some type of a race?

He'd be a perfect partner if you want to try for a lot of caches in one day.

His nickname could be CacheRacer


I'm trying to picture the event in my mind and I'm still laughing.... :unsure:


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:unsure: HAHAHHHHHAHAHAHA....I also was ROFLMAO and was tearing up! This is how all of my caching experiences have been thus far! SOMETHING crazy always happens! At the time it may not always be so funny, but all of them I can laugh at later! THE MOST IMPORTANT ? NOW IS ... DID YOU GET A PICTURE?!
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I think its pretty fun to watch a newbie cacher/GPS user who cannot figure out the the "North Up" concept, so they keep rotating the unit to make the map arrow face the direction that they want to go. Then, they get defensive when you explain that it wont work - "I know what I'm doing!" they say, not realizing that the antenna needs to be up... I guess I was a stubborn want to learn it myself to!

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The north up concept!! yes! he did that too.. held the GPS at 45 degrees to "up" ..and ran sideways...


I won't be showing him this thread, just the thought that I mentioned it would set him off, at the court today I told a room full of attractive young ladies that he'd "run down a hill a little faster than his legs and taken a spill" they all burst out laughing & he could do nothing more than join in..


He wouldn't talk about Geocaching though, I did a cache close to the job, his only comment: "I've had it with that stupid game.."


"Game?" My friend, it's a treat for the mind & body which only the truly enlightened can appreciate.. :unsure:



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