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I have accidently stumbled upon a website that broadcasts live webcamse from all 50 states




since none are within reasonable distance for me to start one maybe somone else in michigan could


if anyone else knows of this sites depdability feel free to post your comments, but so far the site has been relible to me

most ofthe webcams update every 2-10 minutes

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That site looks decent, but I think it's just pulling images from other people's servers - good way to find a cam, but I'd link directly to the site hosting it, not through a directory like that.


I set up my first webcam cache this Saturday when I relized the Middle School right down the street from me had a weather station on the roof with a cam.


You can find weatherstation cams at places like Instacam... Also - if you live in a metro area, check out the websites of your local TV stations - often the weather department has links to cams and things like that...


Also, state DOT's often have freeway cams and stuff - I think it would be harder to find one where you could get in the shot without playing frogger :rolleyes:

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They is a webcam in Flagstaff (which is a cache) that you can actually control over the internet. It is a live feed video, none of those updates every 10 minute things. You wait in an online q line for about 2 min and have 30 sec to do what ever you want with the camera, you can even zoom in close enough to see the spit come out when people kiss

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since none are within reasonable distance for me to start one maybe somone else in michigan could

When I started to think about setting up the Blue Jay Webcam Cache, I googled California Webcams and got a pretty good listing of webcams around the state of California. After visiting several sites, I found the Blue Jay cam and was able to create the webcam cache.


You might want to try doing that. You may have to wade through some that aren't good, out of date, or non-existent, but you'll get a good idea if there are some around you that you could set up as a webcam.

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There are now rules for how visible you are in the cam. I'm not sure if they were ever clarified though any way to be distingushed from other people should work for a log. "Yes thats a bonfire in the back of my truck".

What do you mean you can't see me? I'm wearing all black, in front of that black wall under the light at night ....what do you mean what light and all you have is a black screen? Oh i'm sorry the power did surge there for a few seconds, must of taken the picture then. :unsure:

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How do you log a webcam cache to get credit.  Do you have to have somebody at home save a screenshot or something.  :unsure:


Typically. There's a few that save images to the web, and allow you to search by date and time. Those you can just go through until you find yourself.

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