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Great, Cheap Personalized Sig Items


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I have just been given a website (run by a friend of mine) that offers personalized pencils. From full sized to golf-sized. They can have from 1 to 3 lines of personalized text.


Example, 3 lines, golf-sized (no eraser) 5 gross for right at $40 (USD)


I have ordered 5 gross w/out erasers and 3 lines and will be using them as sig/trade items.


With all the talk lately about signature items and geocoins, these are an innexpensive item that people can get a lot of. They are great for events and can even have coordinates printed on them (you can get less than 5 gross for special orders).


Website: http://www.write-on-pencils.com



I am not receiving anything special for making this announcement. I just thought I would pass on an idea for signature items that would be both usefull and unique to the cacher.



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Not only that, but they could be a micro-clue w/ Lat/Long or the clue written. There is a place to get smaller numbers of pencils.

Why get smaller quantities. At that price you can afford to put them anywhere.


How about this, get them printed with coordinates and a web page. People go to the page and find the date you will hide the cache at those coordinates. Just prior to that date, make your drop of the next clue in your multi. No listing on the site or anything. Keeps the cache around the locals.


Just an idea of what to do with these.



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Maybe not, but they are pretty cheap. Can put out a fifty or a hundred. Then after the cache date, use them as a sig item.


Just thinking of some good ways to use a bunch of pencils.




edit: Forgot to add that I recal seeing some sort of printing press to emboss things like pencils. Kind of along the lines of those golf ball monograming presses.

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I also researched to find a good sig item for an event I am co-hosting in Florida. I found a site that offers 250 wooden nickels for around $70 that included s&h. You can have the wooden nickels printed with whatever you want(both sides). The site is ituit.com the guy I spoke with is Steve, he was very friendly and might give you a discount if you mention geocaching. He also has pre-printed nickles in stock at a great price.



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