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Tts = Traverse?


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I found two interesting disks this past weekend in central Missouri: JC0927 ( TTS 28 B ) and JC0954 ( TTS 34 B ) . Both were dated 1932 and had the elevation stamped on the disk. They were both in great readable condition.

Were these some sort of vertical control ( elevation) Traverse? Or is the TT(S) just another letter combination used in the disk designation? Can anyone satisfy my curiosity? Thanks.

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Not to be snooty, but I doubt that the TTS on these marks has anything to do with a traverse station. After viewing the original datasheets, I find no horizontal measurement reference. Only vertical. Therefore I believe these are only elevation benchmarks.

The TT designation is probably the descriptor of the level loop that established the elevations of these marks. Another possibility is it's in reference to the township that they're located.

If the Missouri Land Surveyors have a web site, that would probably be a good place to check.

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TTS means Transit Travserse Survey. You will not find any distance measurements on USGSvertical data sheets. The only reason you find vertical is that you only have the vertical data. There will be another set of data with positions. I know, I have it. This only pertains to USGS data sheets, not the NGS datasheets


Here is an example of one.



Look at this USGS sheet that came with my data, Notice the words TRANSIT TRAVERSE SURVEY, TTS is short for that.


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The reason the NGS data sheet only shows an accurate elevation and not a horizontal position is that the original data observed by USGS was never submitted to NGS for inclusion in the National Spatial Reference System like so many of their marks. The elevation shown on the NGS data sheet is the result of a leveling survey conducted by USC&GS in 1950 when they included the mark in an independent survey program. USC&GS never determined the horizontal position.

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