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When Will Wal-mart And K-mart Join In?

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I'm just throwing this out there.

How long before big chain stores add a geocaching aisle to their sporting goods section? What do you think they will sell there? I could see them stocking GPSr's, ammo boxes, camouflage tape, custom tupperware containers, and maybe Groundspeak caching accessories. In the right market someone could make a nice profit.

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I agree with you that a local army surplus store would be more likely to have a geocaching section depending on the demand for items and the interest of the community. A large chain store might be able to sell GPSr's and accessories at a better price than a local outdoor store. It would be pretty cool to see Groundspeak products available in stores.

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They are already in :D ,


In my other life I was a retailer and we called it a "specialty shop".


You gather all the junk together that you already sell to people for a specific activity/event and make it easy for them to find what they want so they buy more stuff.


Thats why they invented Wally/mart! For us! Its a Geocachers specialty shop... :D


they have managed to import "most" everything a Geocacher needs to Geocache on the cheap!


food, drink, clothing, footware, GPSr's, maps compass, trade items, gas, tapes, containers (except the best - ammo cans), first aid supplies, and on and on... :o

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I hadn't thought about it but I'm sure thats correct.


additions to the list...paints, glues, spray foam sealer, 35mm film canisters(used but free), glow in the dark tacks, CITO bags, guns & ammo, camping gear, small watercraft and accessories, you can even buy a vehicle through the Sams club part of wally world...

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They would do better if they had something explaining the activity as well. I see this happening in a local outdoor store first.

This only works if you have a staff member that is an active geocacher.

Untill they went out of bussiness the outdoors shop were I was working would have me and another employee give geoccing seminars at a local park. We started out by doing gps seminars year before geocaching and they just evolvedinto geocaching. At first I placed four caches, but as the seminar got more popular I had to add another four so that we could get everyone split up. Six of the caches are still active and new geocachers in the area still find them. Two have been archive, one because it came up desroyed about a week ago, the other got bulldozed for a skate park that is being built. I even put a cache in the stores parking lot and would people look for it, It is a camoed micro that drives people nuts, I even have trouble seeing when I check on it. Once I replaced it and saw the old one as I was about to leave.

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Actually I think someone would start manufacturing geocaching specific products. Such as containers of all sizes made of something like an ammo box (but doesn't look like one) with a special area for the finders page and place specifically that a log book, which they would sell, would slide into. Then you will have trays that would slide in and stack for the different things and so forth.


Then you might see some of it show up in a store somewhere. But not an aisles worth. I think you would be talking many years down the road.

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Our local "Everything" store, Capital Iron...(mmmmm.......... :rolleyes: Capital Iron) started out just having a selections of GPSrs in their marine department, then as the sport evolved, one of the main guys got into geocaching, and brought in geo-specific stuff, including Groundspeak stuff. He was a little leery at first, thinking only a handful of people would show up, and, well, guess what? It was a LANDSLIDE! They actually moved their stuff to a seperate area, to make more room. Now, they'll be doing caching seminars, and presentations, with support (prizes) from Garmin, and other folks. We're so lucky!! :bad:

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An Endcap would work, where they would stock many of the things Geocacher's need the most.


Disc Golfing:

I have seen good sized sections devoted to Disc Golfing in small stores near Disc Golf Courses, and it is a big sport now in many areas, so in Cache dense area stores could have a Geocaching Display, problem is that we would not want 200 million cachers, just in the USA.

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If walmart was to become actively involved with geocaching I would have to stop caching. the "walmart corp. menality is a down fall of all it touches. If you don't believe me just ask one of the many communities that are left with empty building and no other businesses because walmart drove them out of town or business.

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Thats why they invented Wally/mart! For us! Its a Geocachers specialty shop... :rolleyes:


... (except the best - ammo cans)...

Our Wally world carries the plastic knock off ammo cans fro about a week at the beginning of hunting season. They always sell out before I get there. I think they go for abour $9 a copy so the metal surplus units are a better deal.

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our walmart has a pretty good selection of gps, my sister bought her husband a magellan there and they had some garmins as well as some that were designed for use on boats and fishing. target has a selection too, including the yellow etrex for $99 this week.

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