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My Vote For Geocacher Of The Year!


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I'm gonna have to give my vote to Haggaeus. Czech his logs from yesterday. That's a looot of walking. Heck he had to walk further from the bus to the first cache than most people hike in a day. And he made a similar trek on Feb 15th. I think that one involved over 14 miles of walking just to bag 4-5 caches. And we aren't talking about easy terrain in either case.


I also think he deserves accoloades for being the first human being in history to understand NJ's public transit system and actually use it to get around.

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At McSorley's when I told Haggeus my Five Star New York cache was 10 miles of walking around NYC he just shrugged! No big deal. Harrald then leaned over and replied, ever heard of a subway? No where is the fun in that!


And yes he also has me vote, he came up to do one of my caches and couldn't find it. Now I feel bad since it probably took him all day to get up and back.

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Come on, the NY/NJ Gung-Ho awards were always given monthly (remember Mike Riccabono / The Curse of Suburban Jungle?), it would be boring to have just one geocacher per year getting all the fame. And geocaching is not just about the hiked mileage, I personally avoid mean micros, puzzle multis, or elaborate hides (never found a single Magoo's cache), so you have to find another winner in these categories.

Brian: my wife says that the NJ public transport system is crazy, so it takes a crazy person to understand it.

Avroair: no problem with Verona Pk North, I didn't come there just for that one cache (found 5 others on that hike).

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