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Help Needed For N52°33' (calgary, Alberta)


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Hi folks,


I have been watching the 'Where's in a name' cache for quite a time, so now I'd like to give it a try.


To be able to log this cache I have to find a friendly cacher who goes to N52°33.493 (heck, N52°33.4xx would also be fine, and gives you some space) / longitude doesn't matter. Please take a picture of the surroundings and the GPSr (w/t visible co-ordinates). After this we are both allowed to log this cache as a 'find'.


Actually, N52°33.4xx is pretty near to my home co-ordinates but I just thought it would be more fun to find someone on another continent to do this together.


I have checked MapSource World Map and think my best chance would be the area around Calgary and Alberta.


Are there any keen folks who would like to help me out?


all the best,


janni93 :)

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It's actually about 170km N of Calgary, somewhat closer to Edmonton. I see exactly where that crosses the main N/S highway, right at the northbound 2A off-ramp between Lacombe & Ponoka.


I'll be up that way in a few weeks, I'll check if no one else got there yet.


Here's hopein' :D


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I am new to this - I found my first cache last weekend, and placed my first as well...


This is my first find.




This is my first cache.




As you can see 52 33.XXX will fall between the two. I should be able to get to this area either tommorow or over the weekend, since I drive that way Sat. at the latest.


If the above links don't work (newbie here) Look for

"Diamond Willow Trail" and "Cranna Lake Trail"


Park2 - perhaps when you zoom up, you can be the FTF my new one.

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Actually I just had to add this comment.


There is a Nature preserve that includes that exact number. Just off of highway 2. J.J Collete Provincial Nature Preserve is the name. People are encouraged to take walks there and look for wildlife etc. I was thinking of placing a cache there once I find out about permission, if it's required or not.


I will for sure get there this weekend.


According to my Map SW parking for this location will be N 52-33.057 W 113 37.991


This is FUN!

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Hi all,


first I have to thank all you friendly folks in Canada, you have been more than helpful with this cache.


The first one to contact me and send pictures was Geo-Explorer (thanks, guy!)


Dino-Hunters posted pictures to the cache page, too (thanky to you, too), and I would be more than happy to allow them the credits but it is Crusso's cache, so he makes the rules.


I will close this topic now, if I can help someone from you with some GPSr reading in Germany, please don't hesitate to contact me [B)]

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