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Thanks to the initial approach by Obi Wan I have been discussing blanket permission with the Forestry Commission in Cheshire.


I'm pleased to announce that the Delamere Forest authorities have agreed to the placement of caches in their area subject to the same conditions as those in place for North Wales.


Although the area in question is fairly limited, with their help I am trying to get it extended. This shows the value of making the correct approach in the first place and for that we should all applaud Obi Wan. Good on yer' Gary :)

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Thank you for all your kind words. I'm really quite flattered.... :);):D


If anyone wants to place a cache in Delamere or any other FC land nearby, then drop me an e-mail and I'll pass on the contact details.


E-mail is- obi.geocache@dsl.pipex.com


Yes, the force is strong in the Forestry Commision :)




Obi. :P


PS Keep your eyes peeled for my new cache....coming soon!!!! :D:o

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does this include helsby hill - (although I think this is NT property?). Seeing as though my surname is helsby i'd REALLY like to place a cache there.

Looking at the map I reckon that Helsby Hill is certainly NT land so wouldn't be covered by the agreement. It looks a good spot for a cache though!

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