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Is This Normal? Magellan Sportrakmap Gps

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Well i just got my new sportrak map gps early this week. Withen hours i was out geocaching with it. I entered the cooridenates for a cache and went looking for it. Well I found it, but the GPS said the location of the cache was wrong. It was about 35 feet away (no biggie) but once i set my gps down at the location of the cache and left it alone while i messed around with the cache it still said i was withen 35 feet so the cooredinates didnt change to show the actual location.


I came home and marked home as a waypoint. i let the gps set and get a good fix then marked it. and later i turned it back on and let it set outside (withen 5 feet of where i marked it) and put home into the go to screen and let it set to get a good position and it still said i was withen 35 feet.


So, i was wanting to ask is it normal for it to be off like that? It seems with the two waypoints i have done so far have both been off by 35 feet, so it is a pattern so far...



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well since you brought it up, if your marking a cache how long of a good set down will ensure a good mark?




thanks for help

I ususally average out 100 points or so and end up with about what I started with for a coordinate.


It's more important to make sure you have a good signal than to average out your coordinates. At least that's been my experience.

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I was having the same trouble with my Sportrak Map. Here's a couple of things to check:

-Go to Setup Menu and check your "Map Datum" - I've set both my Primary and Secondary to WGS84.

- Make sure your Coordination System is Lat/Lon (it should be!)

- Try initializing your unit (in Setup Menu) - you won't lose your waypoints if you do this.


After I did all of the above, mine seemed to be more accurate. It was 40m out with each cache before I fixed the Map Datum.


Good luck!

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Yup. Don't expect the GPS to bring you exactly to the cache. It can also depend on cloud cover, tree cover, if there are buildings, boulders, etc. in the area.

There are many things that can cause differences in coordinates. CLOUD COVER IS NOT ONE OF THEM.........


Please follow the discussion from the following....


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