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Eleemosynary Bug


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I just started a new bug, that I think is unique. I'm starting this thread because on its page, I said I would to discuss it. Its purpose is to collect donations for Heifer International, and I thought people who found it would want to talk about it and keep tabs on it. When it returns home, I'll post the results here.

TB Page: Eleemosynary Bug Page

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Given the number of caches plundered and the number of travel bugs that go missing, I would seriously think twice before placing money in a travel bug.

I have to agree with bons.

As an alternate idea, how about using a package of pre-addressed and stamped envelopes. Have a description of what Heifer International does with the package. Address the envelopes to Heifer International and ask the finders to put the money or a check in the envelope and mail. The downside would be that you can never tell what someone may put in the envelope.




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