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Although I have a PocketPc (ok my wife does) I use MS PocketStreets. It cost less than $30 and serves the major metro areas. You can also import pq's into and the caches will show up on the map there.... pretty neat. I wanted to get the NG Topo version, but didn't have the funds. Pretty soon I will have a F/T job and will probably purchase my own pocket pc and get a copy of the NG topo maps for it. Or another version, but I would like topo maps for mine.

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Got the mapopolis app. got a couple maps. got a palm zire71. Don't got a memory card (yet).


Looking for a way to get the caches onto the maps. Preferably a free option. I just can't seem to find the right software combo. Or at least I'm not putting them to use properly.


Here's a list of what I've downloaded so far:






Mapopolis and maplet




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If you have Mapopolis, all you would need to get is GPXtoMaplet (free) to work with Mapopolis. Load GPXtoMaplet on your PC, configure it for home location coords, pushpin symbol preference, etc., then run the program. Once it's started up, point it to a GPX file and it'll automatically make a maplet that you can load in Mapopolis. Once chosen, this maplet will show pushpinned marks on your map of all the caches in the file.

I use this setup along with GPXSonar on my PPC in the field and it works like a charm. No more paper and notebook toting for me!

Hope this helps,


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GPX2Maplet won't work. GPXSonar won't work. He has a Palm.


The short answer is that you have to have an SD card. You need one anyway, so bite the bullet, and buy a big SD card and a card reader. You need the card for backups, so when (not if) you have to do a hard reset on your Zire 71, you can do a complete restore in the field. Plus, you have to have a card to store anything except .pdb and .prc files, like mp3s and jpgs.


Pony up the $7 and register Cachemate. Cachemate will export the caches to Mapopolis easily. The kicker is that Mapopolis uses your address book to store the waypoints, so you'll get lots of stuff in there. Make a category for the caches first, and export to that category. Then you can delete them from the Palm desktop when you want to - there is no way to do a bulk delete of addresses from the Palm.


If you have GSAK, you don't need Spinner. It only does part of what GSAK does. I detest AvantGo, and Plucker does all you need. USAPhotoMaps won't help with Mapopolis, but it will allow you to put the caches on a .jpg map, and view it with the built-in photo app or another jpg viewer such as VFSi. The only way to get the caches on the Mapopolis map is to put the name and coordinates into your address book. Mapopolis for Palm is far, far behind the PPC version.

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