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Gps And Laptops

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Hi All,


I just bought MS Streets & Trips 2004. I installed it to my laptop and tried to hook up my Legend with it. I set the transfer protocol to NMEA but the program (Streets) states that it cannot connect. Has anyone been successful with this? If so, how did you do it?


Thanks in advance,

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Be sure that Streets & Trips is set properly to look for your GPS on the right serial port. I use the exact set-up you're describing (a laptop with Legend, using Streets & Maps) -- you'll be amazed at how accurate this combination is! I have been very impressed at how many tiny little streets are represented in this software, not to compliment Bill Gates, or anything.


Anyway -- the problem is most likely that the program is looking for the GPS on the wrong Comm port. Try changing that setting (by going to TOOLS -> CONFIGURE GPS) until it locates it.


Good luck!

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Hmph... do you have any other software that you have been able to use successfully with it? (Can you get EasyGPS to work, etc.)? If so, I'd double check those settings. I don't know how you can kick the computer into recognizing a different COM port if that one isn't responding.


I'd probably start troubleshooting by trying a different program that communicates with your receiver to see if you can get that to work first.

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Place your mouse over your "my computer" icon and right click.

Click on properties

Click on the "Hardware" tab

About halfway down the window, on the right hand side, you will see a button called "Device manager"

Click on that and see how many COM ports your computer/OS recognizes


I cannot remember if/how to change these settings.

Make sure you are logged in as the primary user of XP, with "administrator" privileges.


Is this where you are trying to go? If not, sorry I took up your time.


Edited ****BEFORE you change ANYTHING in the device manager******

go to

Start-all programs- system tools-accessories-click on “system restore.


You will want to follow the “wizard” and create a restore point before you change any settings. If you accidentally mess something up, follow the same steps as above, but click select “restore system to an earlier time” then choose the restore point you just created.

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