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Geocaching Game

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I am looking for suggestions on how to run a geocaching based game for some friends of mine. I was thinking of dividing everyone up into teams and then send everyone off on some type of multicache. But I can't send everyone on the same trail, b/c they will run into each other and just watch each other to find the caches. And if I send them on different trails, then it will almost certainly be unbalanced. Does anyone have any suggestions or may have done something similar? I also want to participate in the hunt myself, so I'd really like to use existing caches that I haven't found yet.



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I think you need to give a little more info. Do you plan on using existing caches or are you willing to place your own "event" caches? What is the timeframe, minutes, hours, days, weeks....


All these will impact what kind of game you can play.

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How many teams will there be? Will there be one GPSr per team, at least? If so, lets look at an oversimplified version you could do.


4 teams; 4 GPSr’s, and a park that has at leas 4 caches in it.


Collect the 4 GPSr’s, load 1 cache in each GPSr. Send the teams out to find the cache on their GPSr. Give them “X” amount of time to complete the find. When everyone returns to “base camp” collect the GPSr’s, and hand them back out to the teams.


This will allow each group to look for 4 caches, but they are looking for different ones at the same time, and then rotating.


Hey, all I said was I had an idea. I said nothing about it being a good one.


If you happen to like this crazy idea, e-mail me through my profile page, and I will try to do a better job explaining it.

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Pick a spot that's in the middle of a series of caches, then give each person the whole list of caches, with one team being assigned #1, the next being assigned #2, etc. Then send them all off to their cache with the idea being that they'll take off for the next one once they finish their first one. All of the caches have to be visited to get the complete set of hints for the last cache (the "game winner").


If the caches are spread out far enough, they shouldn't have too much trouble running into each other. Better yet, if the initial caches are all virtual caches, then they won't have to spend a lot of time opening, signing, and closing the caches...thus reducing even further the odds of bumping into each other. That way, the truly fast cachers will find the final cache first...and to add a challenge and make it less physical and more mental, make the clues to each preliminary cache have a different style of hint...e.g., make one a riddle, another a math problem, another a picture-based clue, another a treasure map, another one based on dates, etc. You get the picture.

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I hosted a geo Scavenger Hunt with Enfanta. That may be a good idea for what you're looking for. We're planning another one for this summer, and we'll be adding some twists to it this year.


You could try this, divide the people into teams. Then determine the number of teams and draw up an itinerary for them. Pick out about 5 caches per team. Give them the coordinates for the ofrst cache, and thats it. For the second cache, put the coordinates in the lid, so they have to follow a sequence and don't know where they are going.


To keep the teams apart, use five different caches for each team. Put a trade item in the 5th cache that would specifically be for them, and if they bring you the trade item, you know they've finished the sequence. First team to get you the trade item, wins.


It would be alot of work to set up, scavenger hunts have that downfall, but the participants will have alot of fun.

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