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Doing "the Nasty?"

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Just curious. Has anyone else ever stumbled upon (not literally) an amourous couple in the woods having "relations"? I have several times and not that I'm against that kind of thing, but sometimes I have my kid along for a cache hunt. Don't really want her seeing some guy's "john thomas" This ever happen to anyone else?

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I was caching with the family on State Route 43 headed toward the California coast. We stopped for a cache that had been hidden on a wide vista-point type turnout along the side of the highway. There was one other car parked in the turnout and it just happened that the GPSr was pointing right at it. I parked our car about 60 feet away and the wife and I focused on the task at hand - how to search for the cache in front of the car without being seen by the occupants. We just assumed they were looking at the view.


I decided to just get out and 'walk around' and see what I could see. I saw a lot more than I expected. When I came around to the front of the other car (and I was literally within three feet of the front bumper) I saw the back side of a girl wearing nothing but bright pink thong, and a guy whose eyes were rolled back in his head. They were completely oblivious to me standing there. What I thought was most odd was that they were less that 100 feet off the highway and it was 4:00 in the afternoon!


When I got back in the car, my wife asks 'Did you see anything?', and Kids (ages 6 & 3) piped in 'Yeah, Dad! What did you see?' I just smiled a stupid smile and was thankful they weren't with me..


Along with that, that very first cache I found was in a reasonably remote area of BLM land. About an hour hike from the parking spot. The two cache logs prior to mine were from the day before and by a guy & girl who found the cache together. She signed her log with something like 'Found the cache then had sex on the rocks. They were sharp on my behind.' I didn't see anything, but I read the log.

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Last September, I hit a pair of caches in an out-of-the-way park during the afternoon during the week, and had parked in one of two or three spots in the parking lot that was in the shade. I had the park all to myself when I got there, but when I got back to my car, there was a couple parked next to my car doing "that." But as far as finding people communing with nature back in the woods, I haven't yet, and I hope I don't. There are a few parks here in Minnesota known as meeting places for those who enjoy an alternative life style (not that there's anything wrong with that), and they have caches that I haven't found yet.

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I've never come across anyone doing said activities, but I saw evidence once. I was trying to find a cache in an open area in Aurora, CO. I wandered into some thick scrub and found some discarded black silk panties laying on the ground. They were probably 30 feet from the cache, but apparently they were distracted enough to neither find the cache nor remember to pick up after themselves.



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That happened to me at this cache. The following is the log I posted on the cache page:


The road to the summit was closed probably due to the early hour. Where there's a will there's a way. I found the start of the yellow trail along East Rock Drive. It's a very nice, well-defined trail with a moderate up hill walk. Not too bad a climb at all. Near the top of Indian Head and fairly close the the cache I encountered a couple in the act of ... um ... er ... hmmm ... ah! ... in the throes of passion. The image of those butt cheeks is permanently etched into my brain. Those two were so busy they didn't even notice me. Anyway, I digress. I found the cache nicely hidden. I took nothing and left nothing. Thanks for excellent cache! Keep on stashin' and I'll keep on cachin'!


Anyhoo . . .


Happy caching and stuff! :o

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Not while caching but along a trail I now have a cache... A former girlfriend and I passed a couple just off the trail w/blanket laid out at the edge of a pond, partially disrobed. They were both startled and I said, "excuse us" as we passed by.


None of the times I did it outside as a kid were during daylight nor frequented places. (In the car at the beach I suppose...but all the cars are parked away from each other for a very good reason! Hehe..)





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The scene...


...I'm walking down the trail following my GPSr. I arrive at the cache location, and there are two beautiful women standing over the cache container. The thorns around the area have done a good job or ripping their clothing. They see me, smile seductively, and come over to me. Then that cheesy porn music starts emanating from behind the trees somewhere...


...somehow, that nevers happens.... :o


...sorry, sorry, sorry....

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When working on B&G with Team NoVA12 after searching a bit we went back to our cars. There was a truck parked with 2 teens "doing it". The guy and gal noticed us but still continued on. One of our team members did not realize what was going on and walked (within 5 feet) right past the truck. They still continued. You figure that they would have stopped with 12 cachers and 3 fishermen standing around the parking lot. Guess they had other things on their mind. :lol:

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... ever stumbled upon (not literally) an amourous couple in the woods having "relations"?

Not while caching, but hey, I'm still a newbie here! Once when I was hunting, I was in a hide late one afternoon, ready for the evening hunt, when a couple came along, stopped directly in front of where I was and did what came naturally. They were totally oblivious of my presence, and I didn't want to spoil their fun. Funny thing though, I had absolutely no luck in getting my mind back on hunting that day... :lol:

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While not a caching story InSTEP_Guy had just set up a platoon in a defensive position at Ft. Drum NY when a truck pulled up. the couple never knew that they had put on a "show" in the middle or our formation. we had a little trouble maintaining noise discipline but had a good laugh after they left.

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I found a cache with a John  Thomas raincoat draped over it once.

Ewww...CITO, eh?

Ummmmm, nope, l moved it with a stick and left it there like a flag blowing in the breeze.

I also found one of these next to a cache. I also just moved it with a stick and sort of buried it. I have no idea if they are biodegradable? Anyway, no way was I going to pick it up! :lol:

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Near this cache There is a fire tower to look out into the city. My friend and I were just hiking up and down the hill repeatedly in prep for a White Mountiain hike the following week.


Well, dusk had come and gone as we were making our final circuit. As we got to the top of the tower, we saw a couple up there with disheveled clothing, etc. The girl didn't realize that her bra was hanging out of the side of her shirt and didn't quite get her pants back on over her bottom.


I turned to my friend and whispered "Let's get off this tower before they do..." Needless to say, now we try to finish hiking that hill before the sun goes down.



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I saw more than I expected returning from a cache last April, here is my log. It was lunch time, and these two were on their "break". They must have met in seperate cars. I know this because the Saab where the sweet sweet love was going on, was there by itself when I got there, with one lady in it. When I returned, she had some company. The funny thing was the guy's tie was hanging from the rear view mirror.


The sad part is I don't think they were married, to each other <_< . It was an office nooner, in a park! The really sad part is I didn't have my camera with me :mad:


I just realized by the date on my log that this happened on April fools day, but I assure you the story is real, only the a**cheeks have been changed to protect the not so innocent :)

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Every time I read this log, I get tickled. Sometimes, I amaze myself. (of course, looking back, you can tell how much of a newbie I was, too) <_<


The couple in question had a pair of friends in the parking lot who called ahead to let them know to get dressed, so I missed almost everything. :mad:

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It's funny there is a topic. oregone and I were first finders on a cache that was 20 months old. A bridge too far here's a sample of oregone's log:

oregone, May 17, 2003


"The walk back was interesting because i think we interrupted a young couple in the throes of a wilderness bj--always an arduous task in the rain. Upon returning to the parking area, we checked out their jeep: bridal magazines in the backseat. I just hope he realizes that those mid-afternoon jaunts out to the river will soon be replaced with something not quite as stimulating, that 'Nature's Scrotum' is to be shortly poked by the stick of matrimony--to forever retract to a salty brine of stagnation.

Whoa, how'd i get so metaphoric and depressing with a misogynistic overtone all of a sudden?"

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Here is my story.... IWILLFIND posted a note for Just Clowning Around ! (Traditional Cache)


I just have to tell a funny story that happened to me today!!!!!! I was going to this cache to grab the travel bugs and move them south on an upcoming vacation...Got to the area where the park folks had done some work with a bulldozer and was just walking along minding my own bussiness when all of a sudden I came upon a guy and girl in the woods with the girl laying on her back smacking the guy saying get up someones coming!!!!

Needless to say they were wearing nothing but smiles and red faces from embarrassment...The guy stood up and started grabbing for cloths just leaving the girl sitting there. He was in such a hurry that he even tried to put her bra on himself.I don't know how I kept a straight face but I walked on down into the woods and while they were scrambeling for their cloths I proceeded to look for the cache...I wish I could have gotten to the cache without them seeing me because I would have gotten the camera from the cache and taken some pics...Boy wouldn't the cache owner have been in for a surprise then???Any way they got their cloths on and high tailed it out of there and after they were gone I just sat down on a log and had myself a good laugh!!!! It truly was a comedy. The look on the girls face was priceless!!!Her eyes were as big as saucers bugging out and her face just had one of those OH SH*T looks!!!!!!!I was so bumfuzzled and laughing so hard at what I had just saw that I never did make it to the cache!!!!

Just had to share this it is too good of a story to keep!!!You just never know what you'll run into in the woods.....

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Every time I read this log, I get tickled. Sometimes, I amaze myself. (of course, looking back, you can tell how much of a newbie I was, too) :rolleyes:


The couple in question had a pair of friends in the parking lot who called ahead to let them know to get dressed, so I missed almost everything. :bad:

Now THAT is a funny log!

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From what I could tell, he was pretending to be President Clinton


I'm not positive, but pretty sure I saw this as well. I was in a pretty deserted park, and as I approached a car, I saw a guy in the drivers seat, and a head bobbing up and down. I noticed it from a distance away, so I didn't get too good of a look. I didn't want to disrupt them, so I started walking the other way. B)

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Have not stumbled upon this yet while caching, but......


When I owned my previous computer business, we were in an industrial strip mall, and occaisionally we would find cars parked out back at night.


That would not be a problem, BUT, the cars were occupied by people busy with the services of prostitutes. And, they would toss all their (nasty) trash out on the parking lot.


There was only one way into this lot, so when we found an occupied car, we would sneak out with a video camera, and walk right up to the car, after filming the licence plate. We would have the light turned off as there was usually enough light to film in good detail.


After a few minutes, I would walk up to the car real close, and then turn on the BIG VIDEO LIGHT. LOL


Needless to say, most people were NOT impressed that we caught them doing the nasty with a hooker. And that we had called the police and video taped their licence plate and them in the act.


The reason we did this is that the police would not come over and do anything about this, so we started to film them and we were opening a website to post the videos. Discussed this with our company lawyer, and found out we could have run into some problem legality wise, but the way I see it, if you are doing the nasty in my parking lot with a hooker, you take those chances.

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I had the misfortune of catching teenagers in an amorous act while checking on one of my caches in an area park. They were ahead of me on the trail, walking slowly with a plastic bag of items I didn't bother to make out. They let me pass them after a shy hello. I guess they didn't know the trail dead-ended about .2 miles away and I had to return the same way I came, because they were only about 20 feet from the trail on my way back. Luckily I spotted them from a distance, so I averted an embarrassing encounter and bushwacked a safe distance around them and back to my car. In retrospect I probably could have taken the trail right by them, as their attentions were focused elsewhere. :D

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My wife & I caught some chick pissing right off the side of the trail while coming back from a geocache. It took me a moment to realize wtf I was seeing because it's not exactly something you come up on all the time out in the woods. We stopped & turned our backs to her until we heard her walking again. She walked right by us, unembarassed, like nothing happened. Not quite "doing the nasty" but another type of nasty....

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B) Haven't ran across anything like this while caching, but a few years back while staying at the coast I was walking down to the beach with a friend after dark, and a paved little pullout with a set of stairs down to the sand was the closest access to the beach. Seeing a van parked there, I walked slowly around it to reach the stairs, and noticed a movement in the back. :mad:


Being curious and perhaps a bit "naive", I laughingly shouted "Whoa there is something moving in there!" and practically pressed my face against the tinted back window to get a better look. B) Suddenly I realized my face was about 3 inches from the face of a young man, who was looking up from his "activity" and scowling at me for interrupting. Let's just say they weren't kissing..erm...at least face to face. B) Now I don't look too closely into back windows of vehicles. B)


We've found some abandoned "raincoats" too, and although it is gross.. I am glad people are using them! Much rather find those than used hypodermic needles, and yes we've found those near caches too. B)

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Yes...to plainly answer the Question...Nyack Beach State Park in New York...nearest cache is waypoint GC2489 (Rocky Hudson Cache)...anyway myself sister, cousin, and best friend were hiking around winding our way up the mountain on a clearly defined path when I noticed legs with hands prutruding out from the hips which were attached to a body leaning against a tree, my sister and best friend only noticed legs...but my cousin noticed the hands on the hips....after some glances between us...and my sister saying "what? what?" I delcared that the man against the tree was getting some...so to speak....well I thought my sister was going to die right there on the trail...and my cousin and I lost it laughing hysterically...my sister wanted to leave, my cousin and I wanted to press on...so we kept going and some how ended up closer to the happy couple...who at this point we determined were dressed more for a expensive night out on the town then the woods...when my cousin loudly proclaims...look at them now...well that is when my sister all but bloted down the mountain, follwoed by my best friend laughing...my cousin and I were like...screw it (no pun intended)...just because they think they are off the beaten path does not mean our caching plans are halted...I all but bit through my lip holding back "get a room"...we finished our scan of the area...and when we left...well just say that the female of the pair was bent over a rock in an interesting sort of way...and the male of the pair could have cared less...he was going to finish what he started...


and in case your wondering...my sister...she doesn't hesistate to tell people about "this one time while geocaching..." :rolleyes:

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:rolleyes: So wrapped up telling about the people in the woods I left out the geocaching part....actually....we came within 300 feet of the cache and searched for a while and then realized that it was at the top of the mountain and we were at the bottom...so we came back the next day and got the cache....success.... :D


Acutally want we really wanted to do was get a good look at the guy....so dressed we wondered if it was a politician....now that would have been a picture for the tabloids.... :D

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