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Garmin Etrex bread crumbs?


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you don't need wps for the breadcrumb trail. It just tracks everywhere you walk/drive starting from the time you turn the gps on.


Its a good idea to clear the tracks out before you start down the trail if you think you will need that function to find your way out again.


If you are looking for where on you gps to find that function, its the screen that has the little guy walking around with a string of dots coming out his backside.


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Ok, I found the only screen that has a guy walking around its showing a triangle w/north at the top left of the screen and an 80 mi. on the bottom. When i walk nothing comes out of his backside, but when I goto the tracklog screen its showing memory used after a walk. I'm getting confused....lol..It does show him walking though, just no breadcrumbs. Do you think its a defective handheld?



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just got my legend too.


make sure logging is on (it is by default)


as you move along u will see a trail of where you've been (it's easier to see when you drive a reasonable distance).


when you're ready to get back, save the track and you will be given a tracback option. this will navigate you back to a point on your path.


I'd sugest you play w/ it a while, leave it on on a trip to the store, and see how it navigates.

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BullDogBob... Which ETrex model do you have?


As Searching_ut mentioned, getting the scale correct will be very important.


I can only speak for the eTrex Vista, but to deal with tracking, you get to the "Main Menu", either by clicking the "Page" button (top right hand corner), or selecting it from the drop-down menu. The main menu has six options (Mark, Find, Routes, Tracks, Setup, and Accessories).


As Perrin mentioned ealier, you would select the "Tracks" guy. You'll next see a "Tracks" menu which will look something like:

  Tracks          [=][X]  ----------------------  Track Log   [On] [Off]  |----------3%--------]  [save]         [Clear]        Saved Tracks   ---------------------


Be sure that the [On] button is selected.


You may also want to check your track options to see how it is saving the breadcrumbs. By default it is set to automatic, which tends to drop quite a few points.


You can also override this and have the breadcrumbs dropped based on time or distance. These options can be accessed from the "Tracks" options (see nice ascii art image above, denoted by the [=] dealie).


When I go on longer hikes/rides I like to switch it over to distance. By default the distance setting is .06 mile. I did this because I got frustrated with the automatic setting dropping 100 breadcrumbs all in one spot while I left the GPS on while eating lunch.


I hope I've helped and not made things worse. Good luck and, you are more than welcome to drop me an e-mail if you need me to confuse you further. icon_smile.gif


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Bulldog, I think what you need to do is get on the page where you see the guy walking and use your up and down keys to get a different distance instead of 80 mile. By using the arrow keys watch the 80 and see if the milage goes up or down. If it goes up use the other key and drop it down to 1/2 a mile and start walking this should take care of your problem. I had the same problem when I first started using my E-Trex. E-Mail me if I can help any more. Happy caching![icon_wink.gif]

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Usually when heading towards the cache, I use the compass screen. However, the breadcrumb trail came in real handy this weekend when returning to the car.


The trail we were on was not always clearly marked and we diverged a couple of times. It was obviously not obvious which way we should go to rediscover the real trail. By checking the breadcrumb track, I could see that we were to the right of our original path. Once we saw that, we could work our way over to rejoin the trail.


You should always carry an actual compass with you. When you stop moving, the direction of the track on the screen is no longer reliable (just stop and turn around, the display does not adjust to your 180 degree turn). If you pull out your "real" compass and find north, you can line up the display's north indicator and then see whe actual direction of the track.


Keep working with it. It does get easier.


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Well guys I figured it out today, set out to run errands and did what give-n-takes suggested. I had my map distance to far out at 80 mi. I went down to a couple of miles and "wall ah" I had crumbs falling out on a trail. Thanks so much for the help and thanks "yeah right" for the compass advice. I bought a compass but didnt know how to use it in conjunction with my GPS.

You guys are great!



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I'm not sure which etrex you've got, but on my Vista I have a trackback feature that works just like finding the cache, only in reverse. It works best if you clear the track at the start of your hike, because it tracks back to the beginning of the track log, which might include the 50 miles you just drove to start hiking. So when I get out of the car I drop a waypoint and clear the tracklog, then start hiking. When I get to the cache I save the tracklog and there is then a selection to start the trackback feature. With that turned on, the navigation arrow will point the way along the breadcrumb trail and return you to the car. If you cleared the tracklog at the start of the hike, the miles-to-go and time-to-destination displays will be correct.


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