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Wv Geocaching Get Together 2004!!!


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WVDan and I were talking today about how the season is getting in gear, and how we'd like to get together and revisit old friends, and meet some of the new cachers out there. I'd like to get to meet some of the new players: Puter, Pinkbison, Sarge76, and Strider_Greybeard. I still haven't met Foxfire & Snoopy or One T and Biscuit yet. I'd like to see Eli, MITW, IWILLFIND, GPS-Hermit, jspiker, two-bit joe, Wizardmaster, catman, jeepman, cachepotato, and the rest again.


So, as before, I am trying to organize a meet & greet like last year. Also as before, majority rules on time, date, and location.


For those that haven't been, it's just an informal get together to swap stories, tell lies, see how late Eli get there, eat food, and put faces to the names we've read in all those logs. Some people may step up and hide some new caches just for this event. Maybe we can get the people from the state parks to come down and talk to us about the new cache rules.


It has been my experience that the majority of WV cachers live in and around the Kanawha Valley. But there is a very vocal minority in the Elkins area that want to be seen as well.


So get on here and nominate months and areas. After we get a majority we can decide on weekends and times.


I'm thinking mid to end of May somewhere close to Charleston on I-79.

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I looked at my schedule to see what weekends I have my boy. I can make it to a gathering in May on 1, 8 or 9, 15, 22 or 23, and 29.


I think a good place to hold it would be Sutton, or Bulltown near Flatwoods, but I can also make it if it's in KSF.


I'll let some of the locals know about the planning of the get together and the link to this thread.


Really hope I can get to this one to meet everyone.



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I'm up for another get togathfr but the only day poaaszble for me in may is the 2nd.. From 3-14 too 4-10 I am off on Saturdays and the only one that is tied up is the 10th. I will be leaving that day for a caching trip to Washington DC...I will be off on sundys from 4-10 to 5-2 again the only on tied up would be 4-11...Keep me up to date on the plans ....If I can make it I will....

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:lol: Hope I can make it this year. I won't cast a vote on the date, as my schedule in the summer is very dynamic. Any weekend is probably good. Better Saturdays than Sundays.


As for the place, I understand that the vast majority of cachers are south of me (Elkins) so I am willing to travel. But the sport is indeed growing in the north and it would be nice if we could make a compromise and try to split the difference. At least for one of the annual events.


At any rate, I won't make any waves, you plan it and I'll do my best to get there.


Maybe WVDAN will try to set up another one in Elkins this spring to make it easier for the northern crowd to get to. If not then maybe I will.


Happy Hunting!!! :lol:



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Hey All, we were reading the NE forum & saw this post. One of us is originally from West Virginia and we're interested in attending this event. Could someone let us know what the final decision is? Please contact us at mistaken4sisters@yahoo.com. We'll make sure to check this list from time to time to see what's going on, but don't want to miss any decisions. P.S., the one of us is from the Parsons area, but willing to travel.

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Cool sutton, I just got my jet ski, and i know some roads that go out to into sutton lake. I was thinking of placing a cache close to holly river but the rules say you cant place one on vacation. But we gothere many times during the summer, just not the winter. Who would be interested i a cache on sutton lake?



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I would love to join you all and will do my best to make it. Sutton sounds like a great place and I'll stay posted on the date and location and try to get there.


I would like to mention Summersville as a possible future location, especially around the Carnifex Ferry (Civil War) State Park . The Gauley River runs by the park and Summersville Lake is within a couple miles. There's lots of land with varying levels of elevation from very flat around the battlefield to extremely sloped down the Gauley River canyon.


Wizardmaster - If you or WVDan get an event together around Elkins count me in. I'll bring my friend who finally got his own GPS. We're actually heading up to the Spruce Knob area at the end of this month to hide our first cache and have been discussing how to put a fun event together in the area.


Thank you WVULAW for emailing me the link to this post.


I ran across a logged find a couple days ago that was my worst fear while traveling around these roads this Winter. If you haven't seen it here is the link.



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Hi, We would love to come. My better half and two sons were able to attend last year but I had to work. I will have to check the calendar to see what else is up. For some reason May is very busy for us normally. I will check in later for the details. Since last year's get together my work has transfered us to Bluefield WV. We may be able to make this a camping weekend. Thanks, Scouting For Cache.

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I can make the 22nd, but not 23rd due to leaving for a work conference. Once we decide the when/where, I'll let State Parks know. I've given them a heads-up about this and they would like to have someone represented to answer any questions about the new State Park Geocache regulations.

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Ya'll are going to get me fired if I have to keep requesting Saturdays off so I can attend Geocaching Events! :D

Could we please start planning some things on Sundays in the future? I work 1-5 EVERY Saturday. Not whinning, I really like my job, just putting out some personal info. Now if you can figure out how to have a 'late-nite-in-the-dark' event I would be there with a headlamp and flashlight every time!!!! :P

Also two things I'm working on ...getting a CITO Event planned for EarthDay week-end April 24th (yes I know,yet another Saturday!!) maybe Sutton lake would give us a discout if we clean up the park first? And I would love a show of hands on the forums as to adopting a highway so we can help keep WV Beautiful and get a Geocaching sign on that part of the highway.

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Good idea about a CITO for Sutton Lake shelter trade. It worked well last year at KSF. I wrote them a check to cover the shelter, and they tore it up after we did the clean up. We'll have to make that an annual event.


By the way, I have a new micro out in Huntington. It should be approved any minute. I expect your name on top.


No hints, and well hidden.

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Hopefully I can make it. I may have to schedule my daughter's birthday that weekend if the previous weekend is booked up. If so I'll catch the next get together. I think CITO is a great idea.


Yes, the Border Patrol are still out in full force in Summersville. They usually won't stop you to check your passport or green card if you slow down to 55 mph. Like most, I figured this out the hard way.

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What a neat idea !! I came up w/ the same idea also and didn't search the forums well enough(thanx MeeMaw).


I have started a new thread that may serve as the northern meet-n-great (or a rain sight). There are 8-10 from WV Wesleyan College (in Buckhannon) that have been hunting and can provide facilities here.


Please see my other post at Central WV Picnic




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:rolleyes: Hey, just got back from meeting VWBushWacker adn they told me about this thread, I would be able to make either the 22 or the 23. I live 30 min from Elkins, and wondering 1st: where sutton is and mably those from the Elkins area might be oopen to the idea of a car pooling? Some times I jsut dont trust my car.... <_< Let me know I'd love to meet all those that hide these caches.. Hope to see ya'll..
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I started off to a slow start (I registered in March of 2003 and only have 8 finds), but my last 4 has been this month. So I'm just starting to get into the routine. Im pretty sure I'll be able to make your get together in May. Hopefully, I'll have alot more caches under my belt by then.



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Looks like I'll be traveling to Huntington that weekend so that my daughter can have her birthday at the Gym Factory. Sure, three hours driving for a birthday party, no sweat. At least I can hit several caches along the way. Hope I can get together with everyone at another time.


You know Summersville is only around 100 feet lower in elevation than Elkins. And, like Elkins, it's a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. I remember a time when the border patrol was nonexistent there. Of course, US 19 was a two lane road back then, but it was still considered one of the most dangerous roads in the country.

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Im thinking I can make it. I dont see why not. Although if i do I would only stop by for a bit to go boating. I also posted a note about placing a cache on the lake. Im not guarenteeing i can/will do it but i want to see how many would try to attempt it first. Itll be cold to swim in the water to get to land to place the cache during the first part of may :tired:


......Well it hasnt stopped me before though :blink:



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