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You Know You Are An Obsessed Geo-cacher If....


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Your wife is a tupperware lady and has won a car for products sold without ever having a tupperware party.


Your grab bag of trade items is bigger than the luggage you took on your last overseas holiday.


You can change batteries in you GPSr while driving at night.


mud map directions to your house reference caches... and not street names

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If you have ever slept with a travel bug under your pillow, you drive all the way back home from vacation because you forgot your gps, you have all the local geocaches memorized, if your three year old always thinks that every hike in the woods ends with finding a box.

Isn't the GPSr the first thing you put in the car? I could see forgeting the lugage, children, or a spouse but the GPS you have to be joking, right. Guilty of all the others.

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...you stay up past 11pm at night with your 12 year old son reading these logs on a school night!

...you have premade caches in your car, just waiting for a perfect hiding place

...you spend an ungodly number of hours perusing the geo-website

...your kid does his science fair project on it (thanks FrogPrince!) and no one knows what he's talking about

...you take your 3 week old baby girl out on her first cache

...you bought a pink rattle to use as a travel bug a month before your daughter is even born :(

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You switch business trips with coworkers in order to visit sites you haven't cached near yet. And to get a cache in a state you haven't been to yet as well. And you don't mind that your flight takes ALL day as long as you can cache after work the next day. Hello Philly!


Or, better yet...


1.) You leave a day early, on the earliest flight you can get to allow enough daylight hours as possible to go caching


2.) You've actually missed a flight because after passing through security, you check your cache supply and realize that the good 'ol GPSr is still sitting next to the computer and your wife didn't make it back to the airport in time


3.) You've actually lost your company provided cell phone while on a cache hunt and had to make up an excuse about how you must have left it at the place the client dinner took place the night before to your boss


ALL of these are true stories...names withheld to protect the innocent...and/or not get me fired!!! :(

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2.)  You've actually missed a flight because after passing through security, you check your cache supply and realize that the good 'ol GPSr is still sitting next to the computer and your wife didn't make it back to the airport in time
That's the perfect excuse to pick up a new GPSr when you land! They're certainly cheaper than a replacement airline ticket, and you end up with a "spare" once you get home. Seriously, having a second unit makes it much more enjoyable when you're introducing a friend to the hobby. Nobody likes a GPS-hog. (:
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...you ask to borrow your little nephew to take to playgrounds and parks so you won't look like a creep...

...you can never look at the base of a street lamp the same way...

...you plot out all the surrounding caches when you go to visit relatives in other states...

...you hold your GPSr to your ear and talk to it in order to avoid explaining to non-caching folk...

...you intentionally go caching in the rain in order to avoid non-caching folk...

...you think the "lame micro" costume on eBay is really cool!...

...you write your name on your arm or leg in case an accident happens while caching, and they need to identify the body (sorry, this is my concern!!!)...

...you start losing weight from extreme caching and didn't even realize it...

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For all the college attending cachers out there:


You're up until 3:30 reading the forums and figuring out how to best use the new palm you just bought for some paperless caching...all the while, you're "paperless", having a 6-8 pg essay due in 5 hours but putting it off for just a couple minutes more geocaching research...


hey what can i say, i need to have my priorities lined up correctly, and as i see it, since it is already snowing here in boston, i gotta get in all the caches i can before they all disappear under snowbanks!


OOH! another one...you plan a winter vacation visit to your sister in GA, picking her over your brother in NJ because the likeliness of no snow and nicer weather in GA means better caching?

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Here is the log from my second FTF. Tell me I'm not obsessed. LOL


October 21 by LaughingTerry (318 found)

Was out geocaching all afternoon, came home worn out and ready to jump in the shower. Decide to sit down and do logs first so I turn on the computer and what pops up? A BRAND NEW CACHE!!!! Even better it is only 11.1 miles from my house. SO, I grab my GPS, put in the coordinates, grab my cache bag, throw on my jacket, and out the door I go.


Half way there I realize I don't have the printout AND I didn't read the entire page. Uh Oh.....I remember something about a fireroad but as I get in the area I can't seem to find one. I finally spot a place my Subaru will fit on the side of the road only .15 miles from the cache.


If you want a challenge park at 44 33.007 69 53.760 and climb up the side of this mountain. If you want more of a challenge do it at night with a small flaslight. If you want even more of a challenge plug the wrong coordinates into your GPS. LOL Yes I did. I put in the North coordinates from the cache and the West coordinates from the parking coordinates.


So I am sitting on the mountain after climbing straight up the side and NO CACHE!!!! So I call Loupa and ask her for the coordinates to see if I have them right (I don't). She gives me the right ones and I find I have passed right by the cache (Walked right over it as a matter of fact) by 228 feet.


I give Loupa another call from the cache to let her know I found it. I also let her know I am starting back down and if she doesn't hear from me in an hour call me. I tell her if I don't answer call rescue. LOL


I signed the log, took the "Burnt Offerings" cookbook. Left a Rubber Chicken and my Signature "Geocacher at Work" dash card. Then I start back down the side of this boulder strewn mountain. It looks like half the mountain has fallen down the mountain with big boulders piled everywhere.


I finally got to the bottom, called Loupa, drove home, and after I got in the house realized I had blood on my hand. Hmmm, finally realize it is dripping off my forehead.(I took a bit of a slide into a tree)LOL


All in all this was one of my favorite caches to date. The view from the side of the mountain of the Belgrade Lakes by moonlight was outstanding. The climb was exhilarating and the FTF was a good thing. LOL

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- When your two year old daughter, after months of waffling, decides she wants to dress up as Cinderella this year. Then, after a relatively expensive Cinderella outfit, and attending several parties, the day before the "big night," she announces " I would rather go as a Geocacher!"


My response? "No, dear, I am afraid that would be too scary for the other kids." :huh:

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  • You asked you wife to marry you at a geocaching event.
  • And the engagment ring was in a decon container.
  • Your wedding was a geocaching event.
  • The ringbearer carried the rings in a .50 cal ammo box.
  • The minister was CYBret.
  • Instead of a bride and groom, the wedding cake had an (edible) ammo can, a microcache, and a travelbug tag on it.

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