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Stopping Auto-renewal Of Premium Membership

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Go to your paypal account

Do an email search using contact@Groundspeak.com

Under type of transaction look for Subscription Creation

Click on that

Look at the bottom of the page for the Cancel Subscription button


There you go

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I'm not really sure if Harrald's way works, but this is the official way to do it as explained on the PayPal site:


1. Click on the My Account tab

2. Click on the History tab

3. Enter the approximate date period that you last completed a Geocaching subscription payment. For example if you know approximately that you last subscribed between January and March of last year then enter 01/01/03 to 03/31/03.

4. Find your Geocaching subscription and click the details link.

5. Click Cancel Subscription


You have successfully cancelled the Geocaching subscription. This is also a great way to find out when you have to renew again. :rolleyes:

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Naaah, i'm not quitting Geocaching. I simply wanted to change my payment option from direct withdrawl from checking to a credit card.


I just couldn't figure out how to do it with out stopping my auto payment and simply signing back up again.

Jollybgood, use the same instructions that I listed above and instead of clicking "Cancel Subscription" just update your payment information at the bottom of the Subscription Details page and click "Update Information."


Hope this helps!

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