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Cd Bug Idea


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Quite apart from the already-stated problem of keeping the media scratchfree and writable, I would worry about what's on the media. Most people have their PCs set to autorun CDs, so it would be a trivial matter to include a virus or trojan that would load any time someone mounted the disk. :) (And that doesn't apply only to PCs; my first experience with a computer virus was on a Macintosh which DID become infected simply through the act of mounting the disk. :D ) I'm sure it would be squeaky clean when you released it, but once the disk goes wild there's no telling where it's been. :)


Go ahead with the idea if you like, but I'll have to count myself among the nonparticipants, should I ever come across one...

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I think it is a great idea, except for the virus issue. What about using a USB flash drive? I don't think that they autoplay, but there could still be a virus on it and one would have to be careful (be sure to update that virus software). They are also a little more expensive, even though I periodically see them for pretty cheap at eCost.Com. I didn't see any at the time that I wrote this however. I also think that it may be pretty tempting to keep it if one were to find it. Just an idea.

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