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This is COOL!!!

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I was just out exploring on my ATV and came across this bucket . At first I figured it was something the local biologist left behind but NOOO. It was a cache I had found and I had no idea what it was . After reading the contents I definitely had to come here and find out more. I get to be outdoors ,use my new ATV and my GPS ! How COOL ! See ya on the trail ..

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OH MY GOD a non-cacher that actually read the paperwork inside and didn't plunder the cache----I haven't seen that since mom found the cache stuff in her son's room....Welcome to the game!!!Now your going to be buying accesories for the ATV to hold all your cache gear.....


Caching Pictures


Do you get funny looks from co-workers -when you say your going into the woods with a 200$ gadet to find kids toys?

See You In the Woods!!!



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Welcome to "our little world". You'll have a ball! Just don't expect a lot of people to understand why you think this is so great.


My boys and I went to check on one of our caches the other day and found a log from someone who had found it by mistake.


Says he thought it was really cool and was going to check out the website. Even left a 2003 fishing guide! I thought that was cool.


He never logged his visit though. I'm hoping he will though, and many more.

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Well I've found the second part to the multi cache I had stumbled across . I got a late start on Sunday but decided to go anyway . I got up there and realized my GPS is not reading the same as the coordinates I got from the first cache I had came across . So I hiked up and around the side of the mountain trying to guess where I would be close . All the while thinking , It said not far off the road , haha How far does this guy consider NOT FAR . I got tired and sat down for a rest and figured I had better figure out how to change this from " 's to . . So to say the least I had hiked way up the hill side from one dead tree to the next and was way off . Hahaha I figured 115*44.825 should be close to 44.57 or so ,NOT . Anyway I got some exercise and finally found it ,about 40 feet from the road LOL . Also learned more about using this GPS I have had for years and hardly used . Anyway I got the info for the third and last part of the cache that I will try next weekend . Thanks for the warm welcome


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Hi! New to this myself. I've heard people talk about GeoCaching, and read a few articles on slashdot.org (news for nerds) and always thought about giving it a go 'someday.' A couple years back I sprung for a Garmin eTrex to take camping and hiking and light enough to mount on the bars of my Mtn Bike. I used it for mapping where I had been and profiling rides, even used it for my brick on the wall at 99 Bottles in Santa Cruz, CA (if you drop in, you can see where you are icon_biggrin.gif ) May 4th a friend and his son talked me into going out to find cachen in Toro Regional Park. The short of it is, another soul addicted to tramping around in the woods with a CamelBak, a Compass and a GPS. Finally, treasure for the Pirate who has looked at Forty to find and share. I'm already plotting a few of my own to add in the coming weeks. (Now I just need an avatar icon_cool.gif

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Ah yes another convert. Soon all will be assimilated. Welcome aboard.

PS now you know what a not so well hidden cache looks like you should have no trouble finding and hiding the more challanging ones.

I don't remember seeing an ATV in Criminal's pack photo; does anyone else? icon_rolleyes.gif

PPS Be sure to keep your 'found' count higher than your 'posts' count too. icon_wink.gif


These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes;

Nothing remains quite the same.

Through all of the islands and all of the highlands,

If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane

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