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Rot Nest Island


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I have a TB that needs to get to NZ, and I have a friend who is going to Australia, so I am going to lend him my GPS to try drop the TB off. He will be staying on Rot Nest Island in Perth his whole stay.

Are there any caches on the island he could drop the TB in?



Discombob (from South Africa)

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Good evening! Hmm, I am Macavitys owner and I am so pleased he has made his way over to you! I am really hoping someone will post some pictures of the Island he has made his way to as the name conjures up some very odd images!


I am a little concerned about Macavity I have to admit, the cache he is currently in has been reported as being waterlogged on several occasions and Macavity cant stand getting his fur wet! If someone could rescue him out of there I would very much appreciate it!


Many thanks in advance for looking after Macavity.


Best wishes




P.S What is a Quokka?

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Not too Worry, Tiffany. MacCavity is was still safe in his watertight bag when I last saw him, so he should be alright for a while.


G.Force tells me that Rot Nest island has a lot of rats on it, and you should not take apple shampoo along, as the rats love it.

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