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After nearly falling twice on an icy trail today, I thought it was time to investigate crampons or similar. Since I do not plan any mountain climbing trips, I was interested in the Yaktrax which are coils that slip on and off of your regular shoes or boots rather than full crampons which retail for $130+. Yaktrax look easy to roll up and pack in a back pack. Has anyone had any experience with them - good or bad? Are they worth the $20 to $30 price? Do they work? Thanks!

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yeah, 'cause without the straps they pop of if your heel gets caught in something, like snow. i like mine, but i never seem to have them when i really want them. same as i never seem to have my ice chopper when i really want it, or why the shovel is always in the wrng car...

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I've never used them, but a friend has. His broke after two uses and his wife's pair broke several weeks later. His impression was that they were made for walking on icy sidewalks, but not sturdy enough for hiking on somewhat rugged trails. On the recommendation of another person, he purchased a product called Stablicers and has been very happy with them. They were $50. I have to find out where he got them, because a Google search doesn't turn up any distributors, or even a home page for the manufacturer...or maybe I'm spelling it wrong?


Instep crampons are also an option. They are cheaper than full crampons and will give you sure footing on most icy trails.


Edit: Stablicers can be found at REI

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Both my wife and I bought a pair of Yaktrax when they came out a couple of years ago. Both hers and mine broke after less than 5 miles of walking on ice. Great for packed snow though. We found a more lasting ice walker are the black rubber ones that have about 5 carbide studs under the ball of the foot and 2 or 3 under the heel. These are a bit harder to put on but once on stay in place much better, are much more durrable (the carbide tips are replaceable) and grip better on ice. I think we paid about $25/pr

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