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Yes, she is!


I had an offer of a pickup truck last Spring to get the area cleaned up and I dropped the ball. :lol:


It is a relatively small area that has attracted lots of trash. The cache, now temporarily archieved, held bags for finders to CITO. Some did...and the area got much better. However, there are still some large items that need to be removed and taken to the dump. If someone from the Bellefonte/State College area wants to donate a truck for the day...I will arrange it as an event.


Post here or e-mail me.




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I dunno if true indigo and rgbisme read these forums, but you Central PA folks may want to chat with them. Judging from something said at Sgt. Pepper's, I think they may be thinking of something already ...

They must be holding out on us!


I don't care if what I was thinking becomes an "official" CITO event or not. It just needs cleaned up and a few persons could handle it.



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Got this out of the local paper:

Centre County Parks and Rec will celebrate Spring Spruce Up Day 2004 on April 17. They are seeking "groups" to clean up "local" areas. Work includes ranking, cleaning, trail maintenace etc...


Outback Steakhouse is providing lunch to all workers. I think we could just sign up our "group" and be assigned an area to do on the 17th. The contact # is 231-3071

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