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Which Would You Rather?


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Putting the finishing touches on my first multi/puzzle cache. I will require you to determine the cumulative distance traveled during the first few stages of the cache.

Would you rather:

a. Have the coordinates for the initial stages so you could use online tools to determine the distances.




b. Have to calculate the distances onsite.




c. Hope to rely on your gps for distance traveled (not sure this is accurate enough)




d. Ignore this cache :huh:


You would still have to find all the stages for info needed to find the cache.


Thanks for any opinions


dave (dhenning25)

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I would be happy with a or b...I like variety and enjoy puzzle caches. c would be fine too, but it would have to be fairly accurate. I don't like the potential of having to search for something that is within a 50-100 meter radius, which has happened to me before, although after a lot of effort, did manage to find the caches.

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B would be my choice. I've planted several that use this analogy.

I'll send them to a predetermined waypoint. then they can do the distance from there. With this it can be done with NG TOPO before you head for the hills. But the one that I'm doing this summer will involve after finding the initial waypoint you will have to figure out where the next waypoint is.

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Don't like puzzle caches that rely on math in the field. What if your GPS is wrong? What if my GPS is wrong? I end up with error even if I manage not to screw up the math. Would go with D.


Check out a cache in Germany (nebraskache.de). BlackyV pulled a cool trick that turns a CD into a decoder ring. Working on one of these for a cache here. This might be a better choice than math in the field.

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I'd say B or C. There's a puzzle cache I have that will result in at the minimum 15 miles of driving to get from one of the points to the actual cache, but could be as much as 30 miles of driving (without a 4x4 and valid permit for the area), along with upwards of 2 miles hiking round-trip...again unless you have the OHV permit and a vehicle with clearance. It's a much shorter drive if you have a 4x4 though. :D

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