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? Whistler Galileo Elite Gps200


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I am new here and new to the world and thought of geocaching. I have spent a couple of hours reading and soaking it all in and find it wonderfully exciting! I just became interested in letterboxing and a friend told me about this on Sunday, and I am hooked.


So, now I need a GPS. I can't spend a bunch of money, and I did read the tips, but I wondered if anyone has or has heard of Whistler GALILEO ELITE GPS200 Handheld GPS System? I am thinking about getting one. I can get it for around $160 and to my novice eyes it looks good. I would like a color screen, but I don't think I can afford that!


I am in the process of convincing my dh that we need this, which shouldn't be too terribly difficult. He loves the outdoors--hiking and hunting--and has found the need for GPS more than once. :huh:


Thank you in advance for your help. All of this is just swimming in my mind.



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By its landscape profile, this seems designed for dashboard use, rather than being handheld. Prices for this thing seem to be all over the map. I've seen $175 to $350, which is very odd. Usually there's the MSRP, which most major retailers stick close to. Then there's the mail order dealer price, and that usually doesn't vary by more than $10 among reputable dealers.


There's nothing on epinions.com about this, but there is a review of the GPS100. Unfortunately, it's by someone who obviously has no experience with GPSs and is probably easily distracted by shiny objects.

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