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Ngs Removed Benchmark But Not Logged As Removed


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I am new to benchmark hunting but do not know how to log this benchmark or what to do next. Here is the link for the benchmark in question. I have seen different discussions about how to log a not found and destroyed but this mark is confusing me how to log it.


I know where the mark was originally located but the building was remodelled in the mid 1990's. We talked with the person that owns the building and he had the remodelling done. The owner said he contacted the NGS before the remodel and they came out and removed the disc and took it with them. The discs original location is now covered with metal siding. So do I log this benchmark as destroyed or not found? I think it should be logged as destroyed due to the oral history from the owner. Also do I need to contact the NGS to have them check on the removal of it as the page still shows it is there? If so who do I contact?


Thanks for answering all my newbie qustions!


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You will likely get different opinions on this. My current policy on this is to mark it as destroyed. That way it will pop up on the search page and save others from going through the same steps you did. You could also post a note.


Others have suggested this should be reported as a find and that there should be additional categories for the condition of the benchmark. I agree with that concept but will wait until gc.com adopts it before logging destroyed benchmarks as finds. Well… sort of. I found a concrete post a while back where a tractor or vandal had knocked the disk out of the post. The post was in the exact location described so I logged it as a find but described the missing disk condition. In your example I would not personally log it as a find because the original location has been covered by the new siding and therefore can't be confirmed.


GC.com benchmarking is not an official benchmark recovery program (that I know of) so our notes on these pages are primarily for us. Hopefully surveyors might make use of our find notes when they need to look for unfamiliar markers. Reporting to NGS is up to you and the level of participation you want to achieve here. But reporting to NGS is too much work for me to take on right now. I am overdoing this whole geocaching business as it is.

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If the NGS actually sent someone out to retrieve the disk, it should be noted on the mark's official datasheet. However, there doesn't appear to be any mention of this change. I would be curious to hear from DaveD as to whether the NGS actually will come out and remove a disk, or do they contract with local surveyors to do so, or if such a mark would simply become "not found".


PS: your link in the original message actually goes to the log a mark page, I believe that this is actually the page you wanted.

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My 2 cents.


I would just report it as not found and then relate the verbal history, as told to you in in the recovery note.


You cannot really say its destroyed because you don't really know. What the owner told you could be fiction? Best not to make judgments that could later make you look foolish.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think I will log it this weekend as destroyed on this site and take the photos where the disc should be. I did not originally take photos of the area when the disc was not found as it is very close to our house. I will also include the oral history of the benchmark then file a report as not found with NGS. Some of the original windows of the building have been covered up and the front the building has been extended so the building looks very different from what it use to be. The original benchmark location is now very close to where the water faucet is now located on the side of the building. The original overhead door to the shop is now a small walk-in door and the road between the two buildings is now part of the much larger building. Thanks for the help! Just wish we had a lot more benchmarks in town to take the kids to go hunting for!

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