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Garmin Legend?


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I've got a Vista, which is the same as a Legend, except that it has 24 MB of RAM (vs 8 on the Legend), plus a magnetic compass and barometric altimeter. I've been very happy with this model. I don't think you're likely to find many people who have been unhappy with their Legend/Vista.

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As the Legend was, and is my first GPS I will have to say that it was very easy to start using right away, and it hasn't failed me yet.


Last week, I left it on top of the car and drove off, it fell off at around 50mph, and was picked up by someone else who luckily returned it. The GPS was fine, although it was in a Garmin neoprene case, I expected damage, but it received none.



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I loved my Legend!!! She was my first and I'll never forget her! Alas, a new GPSr stole my heart (the new GPSMAP® 60C). The one bad thing about the Legend is that 8MB of mapping memory isn't much to hold a lot of MetroGuide data. You can't load all of the MetroGuide map segments for a 200+ mile trip. Washington, DC is divided into four map segments, and I cannot get all four in at the same time. Still, it's a great starter unit and you can generally get enough data in for your destination, and the basemap will show your general location enroute.


Just my 2¢

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I bought a 60C with no regrets (- the $470 price tag), but cannot bear to part with my legend. Right now my 60C is is my car, and my legend is 10' from me in my jacket! When the 60C is just too big, Ill bring the legend. Plus if you are urban caching, you can act like you are talkin on it! :unsure:

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I own a vista and just sold my legend,they are great little units, the only draw back to the etrex line is that they do not pick up well in thick or heavily wooded forest. I love its compact size and use it for my backup GPS. I have a Meridian Platinum and a Garmin V and Garmin 76S as my main GPS's. And depending on which one I grab first to go play is my main one I use. The larger units just pick up better and give a closer reading in the woods.

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I am also considering a Legend, but am also thinking of the Vista for the added features. The age old problem " Ginger or MaryAnn ".

I got the Vista for the extra memory for detailed mapping 24 megs verses 8 megs, I could care less about the altimeter or real time compass. However I am getting a new 60CS Garmin when they come out.

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I also loved my Legend, which I recently sold after upgrading to a 60C.

The mapping capability is terrific, as long as the 8MB is enough to store the maps you'll need to keep loaded in it. If you think you'll use the mapping capability over alarge area without quick access to a PC/laptop, or if you live somewhere like LA, where the maps take up a huge amount of memory, you should be fine.


I think this is a great time to look for a used Legend, as a lot of folks like me are selling used ones to upgrade to the new 60C/CS.

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I just bought a Legend. I was on a road trip south and my Garmin Emap was not working right. Stopped and bought a legend.


Good points

I like the way it feels.

I like its size.

I wouldn't buy one without mapping capabilities.

Works great.

I've also gotten so I like the navigate screen.



The major thing for me is the screen size. Got used to the Emap which is easier to read mostly because it is a little bigger.

It is easier to use the buttons on the Emap. They are all together in one place. On the Legend they are in three places: Right side, Left side, Front. I am sure that part of that is what you get used to. I have had the Emap for 4 years.


Legend is a good unit.

A plus is that it uses the same cables as my Emap. After the Emap started working right again I used it in the car as I drove and used the Legend to walk to the cache.

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I think this is a great time to look for a used Legend, as a lot of folks like me are selling used ones to upgrade to the new 60C/CS.

Before the 60C hit the market, I thought that prices on used GPSrs would plummet. Surprisingly, they're holding their value fairly well.


I just happen to be selling my Legend on eBay. As I write this, with 22 hours left 'til auction end, the price has been bid to $145.00 - and I'm keeping my serial cable (for my eMap). That's not much less than what I originally paid for it.

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My first unit was the Legend. I only wish it had more memory for the maps - especially if you use it around large cities (i.e. Chicago, Atlanta). I have not upgraded yet, but might in another year or so.


I really do like the Legend and I think it was excellend value for the $ spent. I had never used a GPS when I bought the unit and selected the 'mid price' range to start.

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I've had my Garmin Legend for almost 3 yrs now and absolutely love it. It was my 1st GPS. I recently acquired a new Map60C, which is totally awesome, but still carry my Legend as well. The Legend was carried with me everywhere and I use it with my survey work, as well as Geocaching and on my bicycle tours. I have used it to record tracks to create mapping of hiking and biking trails. I have uploaded custom waypoint files for work to help locate survey control points and other USGS benchmarks. I use the Garmin Mapsource US Topo mapping to upload detailed maps for new areas I plan to visit. Overall, I would highly recommend the Legend. For the price you can't get a better value. I've never had a problem with it, and my constant use has personally kept Duracell Corp. profitable.

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I've used the Legends and have any one real complaint. The same thing is wrong with every eTrex unit - the coordinate numbers are ~tiny~. The satellite positions hog the entire screen and there's very little room left for what I really need, my location!


Otherwise the Legend is an excellent unit. Very reliable, as accurate as any other unit, and the "thumb stick" is cool. The picture-based menu is a good selling point too.


If you aren't concerned about weight, the 76, 76S, and other models have larger screens that are much easier to read. I have a 76S and am considering purchasing a Legend myself for backpacking where weight is the primary concern.


Best Wishes,


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