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Pin Cache

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This would be particulaly fun if the area its in has a dearth of theme caches or the other theme caches are all big ammo box trads and yours could be some smaller container like a Decon box or a fuse can.


I get a kick out of finding pins in geocaches and have traded for them regularly. If one was in my area, I would hunt it.

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There is one in our area, but when I found it...all the pins were all rusted. :unsure: I'd hunt for a new one, though


Hey, INVENTORJG! If you set one up...I'll go after it. As long as it's not as hard as your "Long Lost Cache" :) Just giving you a hard time...I still want to go back out there and see if I can complete it.

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If there was a pin cache (pin as in olympic pin) in your area, where all that was traded would be pins, would you like it??

Yeah I think that would be great. I collect pins, and have since I was a child. Recently I also started collecting Disney Pins. I have often thought of making a pin cache, but wouldn't want to part with any of my own. :unsure: Guess I need to get a bunch of duplicates from somewhere.

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I have a Cache that is ready to place that I am going to call:Buttons,Patches and Pins.Trade either or for either or(Does that sound right?).I think that it would be cool to see what different types of these items are placed into my Cache,and be able to keep track by the log listings.Seeing how these items are what I most like to find in Caches,I thought it would be interesting to watch from the otherside.Having a Cache for pins only...Awesome!!! I'd love to hunt it. Go for it!!! :D

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