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Which Came First, Your Gps Or Geocaching?

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First I will say that if this is one of those topics that has been “beaten to death”, I apologize. I did a search for “GPS or Geocaching” and “which came first” and nothing came up.


For absolutely no reason what so ever, I am curious which one lead to the other for you. Did you own a GPS first for other uses, and then found out about Geocaching? Or, did Geocaching lead you to purchase your first GPS?


Second (if applicable) how quickly did you out grow/get board with your first unit, and upgrade to one with more “bells and whistles”, and are they worth it, or just fun to have?


I will admit, that Geocaching and Mountain Biking were my motivators, but like most of my other “gadgets”, now that I have one I have found other uses for it and wonder “how did I get this far in life with out one” :) .


I have not outgrown my GPS yet, and it will probably be a few years before I do. Unless I wake up one morning and decide there is just no way I can live another day without a color screen. Which could happen and I could get a doctors note for the family CFO :)

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Geocaching came first. My dad has been caching for a while, he took me out once and then lent me his old Garmin 45 which I found my first 4 caches with but quickly upgraded to my Legend.


I am very satisfied with my current GPS and although I would love a 60 C I have no plans to upgrade anytime soon.

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GPS came first. I got it because I was walking further and further. Some of the better hills in England have trig points (Like US benchmarks but a 4ft high stone pillar) on them and I got interested in what they were for. The site that had the most info on was called www.trigpointinguk.com/ and is linked to www.GeocacheUK.com/ so I started doing the odd cache here and there till last August when I got more hooked on caching.

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with me it was the caching first. both of my older brothers are into it and they got me started. my oldest brother has a garmin GPSmap 76S. i used his to get my first 4 caches, then i bought one just like his. i figured that if i had a problem learning how to use mine, he would be able to help me. i was right. it took a couple of days but i finally got it. hooked ever since.

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For me, the GPSr came first as a christmas present. It came as a E-Trex (the yellow model) and I didn't open it as I knew I wanted more features, eventually was told about geocaching from my kids Cub Master and returned the E-trex yellow for the Vista. Now, I would really like a GPSr with a color display but can't justify the expense right now ... :)


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Geocaching begat the need for a unit. Before caching, a walk in the woods was searching for a sliced drive. We got my dad a GPSr a few years back for his boating and biking, but it didn't really get much use. I read about caching in a newspaper article, lurked around here for a bit and dove in when I saw the yellow Etrex on sale for $100.

It still works just fine, but an upcoming trip abroad and birthday have me thinking about an upgrade. :)

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GPS came first for me.. but only by a slight margin.


I'd wanted to get a GPS since I first heard about them way back. A few years went by but I never had the ambition to get one. My uncle had one, and although I've never seen it, he told me some of the features and I decided I'd get one.


In my research to figure out which one I wanted to buy, I found geocaching. So.. I bought the GPS knowing about geocaching, but it wasn't my main motivation.


Although the night I got my GPS in the mail, I searched for and logged my first two DNFs!



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Geocaching came first. I read about it in another forum and thought "WOW!" I signed up on GC.com and read different posts on which GpS was best, decided on an ST Map. Watched Ebay for a deal and picked one up for $130 last feb, and picked up a copy of Topo from the GC Garage Sale Forums. In Sept I got a Geko 201 on Ebay for family and friends to use when caching with me. This past Christmas I recieved a Meriplat from my family along with Direct Route Software. So in less then a year I discovered caching and added 2 more GpS's along with tons of stuff for caching.

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I always wanted a receiver, but couldn't justify getting one. It didn't help that some of the data that we use at work comes from GPS satellites. So as I was cruising around the internet, I ran across GC.com and had my reason to get a receiver. As an added bonus, it was something that I could do with my son as well. No more reasons why I shouldn't get one. In the process, I have gotten my cousins, my mom, my brother and another friend into caching as well. I think Garmin owes me some sales commision :) I have upgraded from a yellow eTrex to the Legend now. Don't plan to upgraded in the near future. (Though I have been thinking about upgrading my PDA to hold more pocket queries).

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I bagan geocaching first when my son heard about it at college. I have for years been an orienteer so I bagan geocaching without a GPSr. I later bought a used etrex for a very small amount of money ($35.00) This is what I use... if I use a GPSr at all. I still like tradcaching (caching without a gps.) I bought it in hopes of using it to hide a cache, but as yet have not done so, although I have several good ideas in mind.

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Well, I actually didn't buy a GPS until after I did some geocaching, but I've been using GPS units for a long time, so my use of GPS came way before geocaching.


I did buy a GPS unit, but not for geocaching. I bought it for a different project, and as a fringe benefit, I get to do geocaching with it (and use it a little for benchmark finding).

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GPs first by about 3 days.

I bought the gps, well my wife did after strong hints for my birthday. I thought right I can use this for walking and fishing but I wonder how to use it properly so I did a few google searches for info and stumbled upon this site. Looked at it and discovered a cache about 10 miles away so off out I went and searched and searched and got bitten and sweaty and eventually found the cache after much cursing and swearing. And after getting over the disapointment that there was no gold in it :) I thought yip this could be fun and set about hiding some caches, The cache I found was the only one in the area and was hidden before the days of vacation caches not being allowed. So being the only cacher in over 100 miles I had my work cut out . Now there are about 40 caches in the surrounding 50 miles of which I own 12 and have found most of them apart from a couple that involve a 2 hour ferry journey which I intend to get around to soon, Now we have 2 regular cachers and possibly 2 other occaisional cachers in the area. The majority of finds are still by travelling cachers whilst on holidays in the north of Scotland.





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It was kinda a combo thing. My buddy bought a GPS for our trip to Montana, then he came upon the geocaching site. Since he already had the GPS, we tried a couple of caches. After about a week of caching, I bought my own GPS. I then introduced geocaching to my sister, who intern bought her own GPS as well.

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Geocaching was another reason to get a gps. After investigating both for six months, I bought one. Within a day of playing with it, we all went out on our first geocaching adventure.

The other big reason for acquiring the gps was to help with the map and setup/take down work I do for orienteering. The o-club had been talking about getting one but it is too big of capital expense. I decided to just get one and use it as I see fit.


Still using the same unit.

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The GPSr first, in the summer of 1995 was doing some mapping work for the BLM. They got me and my crew (2 interns from Tuffs) a unit to plot / map the high water line of a local reservoir (Senators Wash). Then in 2001 caching came along ~~~~ :)

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I learned about caching from some friends. I then went to the gc.com site and after browsing around for a while, I decided I HAD to start caching. The next day I went and bought my Legend. :)


I found my first cache on 01/01/04. I am still using my Legend and don't plan on upgrading any time real soon. My wedding anniversary is in August though...so maybe I will get a surprise GPS upgrade! :)

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GPS came first by over a year. I got the Garmin emap (now discontinued) for work because I often need to know my location while driving and if I don't remember to check the street name every time I turn a corner, I can get pretty confused. Not to mention the fact that if you turn me around twice, I'm lost. No sense of direction. I heard a brief discussion of geocaching on the radio shortly after that and even though it sounded interesting, I didn't follow up.

I've been geocaching for less than two weeks and I'm very happy to have a new use for my emap. I have no idea how my unit compares to any others as this is the only one I've used. It suits me fine and I think I'm better off NOT checking out other models right now. ....GPS envy and all that.

Now I'm trying to figure out all the functions that I never used before. All I needed to do before was hit the button to tell me what my current location was.



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I got my Legend first. Always wanted a GPS. After all, it's a gadget, right? I had heard of Geocaching, but it wasn't until after I got my Legend that I really discovered it.


I am seriously considering the 60C, but it won't be anytime soon. I do wish I had more memory for more maps, so when the time comes, that will be the one.

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I was talking to a co-worker of mine and told him about my military survival training and we happen to get into the topic of geocaching. I had never heard of it before then but once he showed me the website and I browsed through it for about 30 min, I knew this was something I wanted to try. I then went and bought my Garmin Etrex Vista.


I found my very first cache the very next day. Thus began the obsession :unsure:

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We stumbled into the game as well. I learned of geocaching through the internet and remembered that my Dad had an old GPSr that he used for fishing and boating. I asked him to bring it to my house on a visit and together we found four caches with that one.


I immediately ordered a Legend for myself on eBay and received it in December, 2003. Since then Stripes Jr. and I have been getting our moneys worth out of it. We've cached in several states and already brought our "finds" count to over 200.


Guess you can say we're hooked! Enjoy...


Don R. :unsure:

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I had the GPS first. I mainly used it on my motorcycle and mountain bike when I would be riding in unfamiliar areas...used it maybe, once a month. Then, I read about Geocaching in the local paper one weekend. Found my first cache that very day and was hooked! I went out and bought another GPS and now I use it several times a week. :unsure: What a GREAT activity!!!

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GPS first. Bought it after getting lost on my quad in the Tahoe National Forest. Very scary. Did some research and bought my MeriPlat. I knew this would be a very useful tool and decided to get one that I would not have to upgrade anytime in the near future.

Stumbled upon geocaching by pure accident while doing a search for something else on the net. That was about a year after getting the gps.

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I found my first cache by accident while my wife and I were taking a walk in a state park near my house. I bought my first GPSr (a 60c) less then two weeks later.


Second (if applicable) how quickly did you out grow/get board with your first unit, and upgrade to one with more “bells and whistles”, and are they worth it, or just fun to have?


That is why I bought a GPSMAP 60c. I wanted one I could grow into instead of growing out of it.

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I got my first GPS in about 1996 for hunting and prospecting. With SA in full force I was lucky to get to within 300 feet. It was an Eagle...Accunav sport. I think it could track 4 sats at the same time, and it burned through AA batts like Bubba at a texas BBQ. It was about 3 times larger than my sportrak, but it was definately the coolest toy on the block.

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