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Logging Dnf's

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Funny enough, I raced out last night to be FTF on a new cache that was just posted. I got to the site (Slim Bob Arrives in Winta Paark) and started the hunt. The coordinates stuck me in the middle of a usually busy four-lane road (but it wasn't bad at midnight). Anyway, I poked around these little road-side reflectors and such for about 30 minutes to no avail. As usual, I posted my DNF.


Well, apparently, the coordinates are actually nowhere near the cache - something must have happened when she entered the coordinates. But, the bottom line is - because of the feedback to the owner of the cache, it was temporarily disabled immediately so that it can be fixed.


IMO, that's what logging DNF's is about. I searched, I didn't find it - I logged a DNF. The owner of the cache used the feedback to correct the coordinates.

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I always log my DNF.. not many of them as yet. Even when I met w/ the cache owner and got confirmation it was stolen/inaccessable (thanks Dave) I still logged them DNF and posted the comment that I'd met him etc etc. I think it helps everyone to know what prior searchers found/didnt find.

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