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Gps Maps 60c


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Depends on what you are comparing it to. My first GPS was a Garmin eMap so in comparison to that, yes, I'd be sleeping with it at night. But, I also have a Garmin V and in comparison with my 60c, was disappointed by some things and delighted with other things. Sitting in my living room, I found the V and the 60 were equal in signal strength. I've also lost lock with it just sitting on the passenger seat. I've had that happen with the eMap but never had it happen with the V. Then again, the V seldom sat there because I'd rotate the screen and antenna and it would sit either on the dash or a ledge in front of the guages. But I'm slowly favoring the 60 over the V. So yes, in comparison to anything else out there with the exception of the V, I'd say the 60 is the geocaching king.

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Some limitations, for instance, you can't use it for cooking.


A great GPS it is.


Bought it friday the 20th from Outdoor World in SE Michigan.


I called them up that morning and they had just unpacked a GPS 60C 10 minutes earlier. I got my GPS V, and did an autoroute, which said that Id be there at 10:30am, then I called them up saying that id be there at 10:30am, right on time.


If only there was a GPS VI color now.


Hopefully there maybe an external USB divice that can load in more maps when on the road. A garmin external USB divice that can take memory cards that you loaded back at home. Then you would plug it in the GPS to update the GPS's 56 meg mapping memory.

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