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I thinking about putting a multi on a nearby lake, it would be only accessible by canoe or boat. the lake is an old strip mine that has many channels and hidden pools. the lake also has canoe rental so anyone could go after it. i know it would probably not see much action, but i think a lot would like the challenge.

what do you all think?

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With just a couple of finds under my belt, my first cache placement was a multi on some small islands in a lake. I'm still proud of it, even though it was a newbie hide. In a year and a half, its only had a dozen or so finds, and most of those are in the winter, but even then, people seem to really like it. Hitting water caches in the winter is big business in Michigan.

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Hitting water caches in the winter is big business in Michigan.


I bet! We had an opposite situation here. Someone had a multi (now archived) with a stage on an island in the Platte River. That River often dries up or is extrememly shallow in summer, so that was the time to get it without needing a boat. Currents and incomplete freezing wouldn't work well on it in the winter.

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I plan on putting out something very similar soon at Caddo Lake, near Marshall, Texas. Caddo Lake is a natural cypress swamp, very maze-like, and spread out over some 32,000 acres.


I intend to place several caches while in the area. I'll hide three or four around the shoreline (there's currently only one cache in the area) so that those lacking waterborne transporatation or the desire to rent can still enjoy the beauty of the area.


I'll then hide a three- or four-stage hydrocache that will feature reasonably short paddles for those with canoes or kayaks. I'll place these stages near one of the outfitters who rents watercraft for a reasonable fee.


I'll also put out another more involved six- or eight-stage multicache for those with motorized boats (or even Ironman Kayakers). It will begin near a marina that rents boats and motors as well, so you can either bring your own or rent one. This multi will be spread out all over the western half of the lake and will take visitors on a tour of some of the inner recesses of the swamp. Cachers will visit such colorfully-named spots as Whangdoodle Pass, Old Folk's Playground, Whistleberry Slough, Alligator Thicket and Devil's Elbow. And for all the work involved, I'll try to put only very nice items in the final cache container.


I've been going to Caddo Lake for years, both with and without GPS, so I will recommend that everyone bring a compass, turn on their tracklogs, and invest $3.00 in a full-color map (with GPS waypoints) available at several local outlets. I'll also include links to the canoe outfitters and marinas in the area, as well as links to lodging and restaurants.


Caddo Lake is a special place to everyone that's ever visited. Former Eagles frontman Don Henley has invested several million dollars to form the Caddo Lake Insitute to try and save the area from overdevelopment. I want those cachers who choose to visit my hides to come away with an experience to last a lifetime.

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