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So, What Are You Worth?

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While walking through the wood the other day looking for a cache, I couldn't help but notice that there was a lot of valuable stuff attached to me. I did a quick mental inventory and was somewhat surprised. Here is a sample of what I was worth on that particular day. (Granted some depreciation would have to be calculated to determine actual value.)


Asolo boots - $170

Hanes socks - $5

Wrangler jeans (black) - $35

billfold (including cash) - $60

Hanes underwear - $5

Hanes undershirt - $10

Flannel shirt - $35

Belt - $25

Pocket knife - $30

Nike wind breaker - $70

NASCAR ball cap - $25

Maui Jim Sunglasses - $160

Timex Ironman watch - $40

Motorolla cell phone - $129

Wedding ring - $100

Mountainsmith fanny pack - $65

Olympus S400 camera- $349

Garmin Vista - $349

Headlamp - $40

Leather gloves - $20

misc cache items - $20


Total - $1,742


The total amount of stuff attached to the Indian warrior in my avatar ... roughly $5 bucks. What are you worth when you go caching ...

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Hmmm. Ok here is what I had snow caching a few weeks ago:


Maggie 315: $115

Sunglasses: $10

Gloves: $3

Down Coat: $135

Underware: $30 (bras are expensive!)

Hind water resistant, wicking running tights: $60

Jeans: $40

Turtleneck: $18

Hooded running shirt: $35

socks: $3

Vasque boots: Worth $125, but I got them for $40 or so

Digital camera $365

misc trade items: $15

lip balm: $1

facial sunscreen: $10



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Asolo boots - $160

Wool Hiking socks - $15

Tigerstripe cammo pants - $35

Billfold (including cash) - $60

Hanes underwear - $5

UnderArmor undershirt - $15

Flannel shirt - $35

Belt - $25

Pocket knife - $150

Ex-Air Force Field Jacket - $40

Tigerstripe Boonie hat - $25

Oakley Sunglasses - $130

Motorolla cell phone - $100

Wedding ring - $1850

Camelbak Pack - $120

Canon S-30 camera- $400 (when new)

Garmin V - $400

Headlamp - $40

Leather gloves - $20

Silva Ranger Compass - $40

"Geocache Found by Criminal" Stamp - $15

Motorola Distance DPS FRS/GMRS radio - $150

misc cache items - $20


Total: $3850


This is for an average geo-expedition, lunch-time caches less, serious hike caches more. (On long hikes I have survival equipment and Katadyn water purifier etc.)

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Okay, here is my list:


1. Combat boots I picked up while getting ammo cans at the surplus store: $29.00

2. Garmin Legend: $160.00

3. Digital Canon Elph camera: $239.00

4. Clothing: $100.00 total

5. Cell phone: FREE when I extended my contract :P

6. Trade items: $20.00 - $40.00


Total: $568.00


I guess I am a cheap cacher. :P

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Timberland or Merrell Boots--90$





T-shirt (given to me)

Longsleeve thermal undershirt--10$

Digital Camera--(was a present, but worth) 200$

Meridian Gold--200$

Palm Pilot III--30$

Benchmade knife--150$

Wallet with cash--40$ (if I'm lucky) plus credit cards

Cache items--10$

Little pouch thing to hold everything--12$

Tattoo (does that count?)--60$

Cell phone--40$ with contract renewal


888.00$ Not too bad I guess. :P

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My major concern is that between my digital camera and GPS (both very small items that can be easily lost, or ruined), I'm now walking around with $600 worth of electronics when I'm geocaching. I've already lost my GPS and camera, but luckily found them again. The rest of the stuff is incidental and if I ever added it up, I'd probably puke!

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My major concern is that between my digital camera and GPS (both very small items that can be easily lost, or ruined), I'm now walking around with $600 worth of electronics when I'm geocaching. I've already lost my GPS and camera, but luckily found them again. The rest of the stuff is incidental and if I ever added it up, I'd probably puke!

I searched for my V for about two hours in the snow about a month ago. I'll never leave home without a lanyard from now on.

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Here is my list.

Asolo boots - $160

Wool socks - $15

Jeans- $45

Billfold (including cash) - $40

Undergarments- $70

Leatherman - $35

Sunglasses - $40

Nokia cell phone - $100

Garmin - $200

Maglite- $20

Gloves- $30

Jacket - $150

Sweat shirt - $30

Digital Camera- $300

IPAQ 5555 with Navman- $550

misc items - $20


Total: $1805


Not to bad.

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Heres what I use Night Caching;


GPS: $400

Digital Camera: $300

Columbia Boots: $150

Columbia Coat: $250

Hat: $15

Gloves: $60

Headlamp: $40

Flashlight: $160

Pants: $20

Shirt: $5

Socks: $1

Extra Flashlight: $100

Phone: $150

Swisstool: $80

Backpack: $60

Grand Total=$1761

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underwear $10

dress pants $20

dress shirt $20

socks $2

poser shoes $20

belt $5

watch $50

digital camera $500

wallet $20

headlamp $15

pocket knife $35

2 way pager $250

cellphone $250

digital (statewide) police radio $2000

2nd commercial radio (optional-depends where I am) $1000

"insurance policy" (also optional-depends where I am) $350

(oh, almost forgot) Meridian Platinum $350


Total $4897 m/l not counting various cache goodies that usually aint worth nothin anyhow.

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High School Student's geocache equipment list:


Jeans: $15, Kohls

Socks: $5 for a pack of eight or something

T-Shirt: $3.50 from Goodwill, or $0 from school sports team

Boots: $20 off-brand Wal-Mart

Underwear: $<1 you gotta time it right, buy holiday-themed boxers from Old Navy after the holiday

Magellan SporTrak Yellow: $120 after rebate, paid for with grandparent's Christmas money

Hiking Backpack: $0 I kinda stole it from my Uncle (he left it here and I claimed it)

Trade Items: $0 I use promotional giveaway-type stuff my Dad brings home by the boxful from work. He works for the company that imports and sells stuff like El Tesoro tequila, Absolut Vodka, Jim Beam; makes for very cool trade items


All told I think I'm worth $164.50 when I geocache.

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I'm cheap so here's mine


Generic Steel Toe boots - $40

Hanes socks - $5

Surplus BDU pants - $25

billfold (including cash) - $5

Old Navy underwear - $7

T-shirt from work - Free (worth maybe $10)

Pocket knife - $10

Magellan ball cap - free (worth maybe $15)

Generic Sunglasses - $10

Generic watch - $7

Motorolla V60c cell phone - free (worth $400 when I acquired it)

Olympus Izoom 3000 camera- $65

(or in some cases Olympus D320L Digital Camera - Free (was a gift worth maybe $350 when it was given to me))

Magellan Meridian Green - $99

Palm IIIc - $65

Headlamp - $18

misc cache items - $20


Total purchases - $376

Total worth - $1151 appx


Or on some occasions I can add to that


Hiking staff - $5

Camelbak MULE backpack - $100 (I think, I can't remember)

Carhartt Coat - free (was a gift worth $120)

G.H. Bass Windbreaker - $15


Total purchases given various conditions - $495

Total worth given various conditions - $1391

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I added up the net worth of those individuals that responded to this thread and ... if all of us went caching together and were mugged by a pack of wild muggles, then the bandits would make off with approx. $22,100.50 worth of stuff. And we would be standing around completely nekkid cause the buggers took everything. hehehe, what a nightmare ... :smile:

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The rest of the stuff is incidental and if I ever added it up, I'd probably puke!

OK, I did and here is what I came up with (this is my winter getup):


Lowa hiking boots - $130

Smartwook socks - $9

Thermax sock liners - $4

Ex Officio hiking pants - $25 (half price at Sierratradingpost.com)

Coolmax undershirt - $5

Thermax long underpants - $9

Lowe Alpine fleece shirt - $20

Marker fleece vest - $40

North Face packable wind shirt - $60

Sierra Designs down vest - $80

Various baseball caps (usually for some ski area) - about $15 each

Marmot packable rain parka - $60

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses - $90

First aid kit - probably around $20

Hiking pole - $59 a pair (I usually use 1)

LL Bean waterproof gaiters - $30

eTrex Vista - $350 (Ok I didn't shop around)

Mapsource Topo - $100

Canon A70 - $250 (my wife did shop around for this one)

LL Bean windproof fleece shirt - $50

Mountainsmith Guide daypack - $60 (on sale at EMS)

Platypus hydration system - $20

Leatherman tool - $30

Swiss Army Knife - $25

Fleece neck gaiter (from Mt Snow VT) - $15

Soviet Army hat (for very cold weather) - $30

Marmot windproof fleece gloves - $20

Stick It snowboarding gloves (for colder weather) - $15 (from ski shop's flooded basement sale)

Bag of trade items - Usually around $15

Trail maps (when available) - $9


Total $1,600

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Let's see...


GPS 3+: $145 almost three years ago

PDA: $350

Compass x 2: $35

Digital Camera: $100 (I hate this camera)

Real Camera w/2 lenses: $900

Flashlight x 2: $30

Phone: $100

Item that only causes trouble in the forums: $650

Backpack: $75

Multitool: $60

Trail shoes: $75

Jacket: $100

Clothes: $65

Grand Total=$2685


Of course, many of the items we have listed would be carried even if we weren't geocaching. Also, the amounts noted are our cost, not the current depreciated value.

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Undies--$0 (I go au naturale)


HP Digital Camera--$200

S&W Model 19 .357--$100




I'm cheap and easy.....ask around, they'll tell ya! :smile:


EDIT: Added camera and PPD (Personal Protection Device)

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Standard Hiking Equipment is a Sunk Cost. I’d have it anyway. But it’s about half of what everyone runs around with either in price or I just don’t have it. 40 bucks on boots etc.


Equipment specific to Geocaching

Fuji Fine Pix Digital Camera $500

Compaq iPAQ 3970 $260 (Payment sent to Estonia, don’t ask)

Camelbak Peak Bagger 100 (No time for a deal)

Laptop $2300.

GPS V. $498 when I got it.

Bronco $4200

Eddie Bauer Fanny Pack $19.00

Glock 19. $420.00

PDA Cables $50.00

Sheepherders Staff $12.00

Silva Compass. $50.00


All that and I still look like a vagabond when I’m on the trail. Total if they jack my rig just as I’m done for the day. $8409.00. Odds are I’d get to keep the other stuff that is a sunk cost.

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Hmmm, I sapose if I were to sell some of extra organs on the black market, I supose I would be worth quite a bit. I bet I could get a new cache mobile AND a new Garmin for a kidney. :mad:

It wouldn't necessarily have to be your kidney....here's what you do: rent a motel room in Las Vegas, buy 40 bags of ice to fill the tub, look for an unsuspecting travelling salesman...... :smile:

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The total amount of stuff attached to the Indian warrior in my avatar ... roughly $5 bucks.

An eagle feather's got to be worth a few bucks! And I bet that if you took a genuine Native American shield on the Antiques Roadshow you could pull in a few $$$.

Owning or carrying an eagle feather would cost you.... I believe its not legal to hold or carry unless you are a registered member of an Indian tribe..this would contribute to a minus value!!! :smile::mad:

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Boots: $120

Cargo Pants: $40

Socks: $5

Boxer Briefs: $7

Back Pack: $30

Thermals: $19

Belt: $12

Sweater: $35

Fleece Jacket: $40

Windbreaker: $75

Wedding ring:$120

Tag Heuer Watch: $1400

Sony Digital camera: $350

Headlamp: $19

Gloves: $5

Nextel: $175

Motorola FRS Radio: $30

Magellan Sport Track Map: $180

Wallet: $10

Cash: $100

WG$s: $3

Swag: $40

Geocaching hat: $16


Total: $2,831!

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Danner Lite II boots - $210

Socks - $2

Black BDU pants - $30

Blackhawk CQB riggers belt - $30

Surefire G2Z flashlight – $84

Wallet - $40

SOG Flash II knife - $50

Austrian Lead Projector, M30 - $500

Coolmax T shirt - $15

Tag Heuer watch - $500

Polar fleece jacket - $60

Goretex shell - $100

Black nomex flight gloves - $30

Black Geocaching hat - $15

Etrex Legend - $160

Brunton Eclipse 8099 compass - $80

Coleman Xponent lumbar pack - $45

Whistle - $2

First aid kit - $5

Kodak Digital camera - $350

Geojunk - $20




But, dadgum I'm worth it! :smile:

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