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Garmin Pc-lighter Cable

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I have a used Garmin E-Trex Pc Data-Lighter cable. It is in perfect condition and works fine. I did a search on eBay, but couldn't find one to see how much I should charge for it if I sold it on eBay. We paid about $40 dollars for it, but recently upgraded to a Magellen Mederrian. If you have any suggestions, it would be helpfull.

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Type in "etrex pc cable"; you should get over 45 entries which include the PC/cigarette power cable you have. They average $12.50, brand new from non-Garmin vendors.

I just bought one for $22 plus $5 s&h, brand new; it includes an AC to DC adapter so I can use the cable in the house. The parts are made in the US but assembled in China. I'm sure the Garmin cable is also made/assembled in Asia, as their units are.

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