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A concept of Geocaching I just can't seem to grasp...


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I have been doing this now for several months and really enjoy finding caches and also enjoy the hunt itself. I have found traditional caches and a few virtuals also, however, It is the locationless and reverse type caches that I can't seem to understand. Just what are these kind of caches? Is this just a synonym for virtuals? I have read many times and also browsed the FAQ but still don't get it. Help please. Maybe some concrete examples would get the concept into my brain. Can anyone relate some experiences with these types of caches? Thanks for your help in advance.

Kirk out.

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Drangon Virt Cache


Ok here is a virt cache I did, what it is/was, was to take pictures of dragons, of all types statues, real, etc etc becauese the cache owner loves dragons and wants to see peoples creative dragon items... so basically you take a pic with/gps and submit it. Its just a cache you can do any where in the world...


There is another where the cache owner is into old drive in theaters and request pics of any and all still operational drive-ins...


there is no log book or phy. cache basically your pic you uploadwith gps and you online log is the find....some of tyhem are really creative, others are spelt out for you....


Some people love them some hate them i find them fun, because you can do them all the time, everywhere!


hope this helps



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I like the locationless cache concept as a way of being able to geocache anywhere and everywhere, all the time.


For example, I was driving in Windsor, Ontario and passed a large steam locomotive, knowing that there was a locationless cache for these, I turned around and grabbed a picture with my gps included.


Therefore, I got to log a 'find' and I wasn't even on a cache hunt!


I guess I just like the spontaneity of it and it gives me a reason to keep my camera and gps handy.



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ok, that makes sense. Locationless is actually a random location anywhere that satifies the requirements for the specific cache. I got it now. There is no set of coords, because they are all over the world...


Now what about reverse caches?? Anyone? (please-thanks) icon_smile.gif

kirk out

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This is a good example of a locationless/virtual cache.


And here is a mind-bending example of a virtual travelbug.


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Start yourself off with Radio K.A.O.S. possibly the easiest cache to get, and also a locationless cache.

I don't like virtuals, but for some reason I really love locationless caches. I think it is because they can apply worldwide, and everyone that logs them has a different view point and usually from a different area of the country, or continent.

I found my first locationless cache from checking caches in my area on the state map and there was one there called 'California's Gold' that I'd never seen the cache page for. I never did find the location that was noted on the map, but I did find another nearby location for it, and while logging that one also found a penny-smashing machine at the Calistoga Geyser that was good for locationless cache 'Smashed Penny'.

Just this weekend I drove by a one-room schoolhouse, and I was trying to remember if there was a locationless cache for them. I wasn't sure, so I took a pic with my GPSr anyway, but I only have my 35mm camera since I broke my digital, and the roll is not filled yet. icon_wink.gif



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hey - thanks for this topic - i didn't know what these locationless ones were either... and being in a cache-low area, this will give me another angle on the search...


is there a way to search for them? locationless as a key word lists 13 only... do i have to just weed throug the virtuals?



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We did a couple of locationless caches for the first time yesterday. We got hooked. These type of caches are really enjoyable and taught us a little history as we searched for the required information. We logged several and then rushed home to create our own. We spent about three hours planning it and getting the cache page just right, only to find out that Geocaching.com is not approving locationless caches at this time. (Darn). It will just have to wait until they start approving them again.



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I found another way to get a list of locationless geocaches this morning. The method seems like you're hunting a multi:


1. Go to any cache page

2. Click on the ...all nearby caches link

3. Click on the New Search link on that page

4. click on the view all locationless caches link.


I imagine there might be a way to get there without bushwacking, but I have not found it. icon_smile.gif


- your friendly neighborhood BlazerMan

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