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I've been working on this for a while and it's finally as done as I want it to be. Here it is for your use in explaining to people what it is we do.




(click the image....or here...I guess)


It's your standard tri-fold brochure, ready to print and hand out to land managers, land owners, potential cachers and the occasional police officer that asks, "What exactly are you doing to that stump, sir?" I've tried to cover as much information as possible while keeping it as eye-appealing and user-friendly as possible.


BIG THANKS to those who have helped me with layout, content and those great pictures...especially CurmudgeonlyGal, T-Storm, Brokenwing, and Geo-ferret! :lol:



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I printed one but I screwed it up a bit when I was scoring it for creases...

I played around a lot with the creases and finally got it where they worked...usually. You might want to check your printer settings. Other than that, if there are consistant problems I'll try to correct them.


Thanks for printing it and checking it out!



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You didn't mention the gallons of beer that flow during event caches...


er.. at least the events I attend.


No really, good job on the brochure, although frankly when I read it, it makes me a bit embarrassed to be a cacher, I mean the brochure looks all friendly and inviting and stuff. Too syrupy for a manly activity that I'd be associated with. I woulda liked if there were pictures of SCUBA and mountain climbing instead.



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This is perfect-- I'm printing out several copies ASAP. Whenever I've attempted to explain geocaching to people, I can never get the full concept out verbally before they start questioning the validity of the game and judging it. This PDF does an excellent job of highlighting the good aspects of geocaching while postively answering the common misconceptions.


And telling people to goto geocaching.com for a better explanation just doesn't cut it-- they've already been introduced to the sport by seeing my wife and I on the trail. First impressions make all the difference. The more positive information we can impart on them (whether it be other people on the trail or the local police), the more postive an impact we can make.


So thanks again!


Team V-Box

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This is very nice! I did see one grammar error:

Page 2, pargraph 1 "In May of 2000...." the line that reads:


[As it has grown in the years since it still maintaining...]


Perhaps should read: [As it has grown in the years since, it IS still maintaining...]


Good work!!!

Fixed it...sorta....I made it make more sense anyway.


Please let me know if you find any of those kind of mistakes, I'm eager to get this thing "right."





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A few things:


1) Great job! We've been working on a brochure for the MGS and have it pretty much ready, but with your permission, I would like to use some of the info you put into it.


2) For those of you who are having a problem with folding, check out your local office supply store for Avery inkjet brochure paper. Makes things easier. :P

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This is an excellent resource!!! Great job! I can tell that you've spent a lot of time on the design and presentation. I'll add it to the geocaching materials that we have. I think we'll be using this a lot (friends, landowners, potential converts, etc.)


I, too, am having a problem with the folds. In order to make the back of the brochure even, the left column seems to come out quite a bit smaller than the right and middle columns. Anybody else having this problem?

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I, too, am having a problem with the folds. In order to make the back of the brochure even, the left column seems to come out quite a bit smaller than the right and middle columns. Anybody else having this problem?

I've been battling this and trying to make it work for some time. I suspect that different printers are going to handle this document in different ways. Yesterday afternoon I uploaded a new version that seems to fold a little bit better for me, so please check it out if you get a chance.


My best results have come when I lay the brochure out with the front side down and make my first fold from the right (folding the "How Does Geocaching Work?" section in half). Then I fold the left side in. It's still not exactly even, but the fold seems a little cleaner that way.


If anyone has any more experience working with pdf's and getting them to fold right please email me and we can see if it's possible to get better results.


Thanks again!



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Under variations, why is there nothing about virtuals?

1. This is why I used the words "Some are:" I didn't feel it was necessary to cover every aspect of the game.


2. My initial thought was that this would be used as a tool to help land managers understand what we're wanting to hide on the property. Since virtuals aren't actual objects hidden on the property I didn't want to use space for them


(maybe they're virtually there! :smile:



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