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Cache Approver Question


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I'd like to make up a FTF prize for some of my future caches. However, I'd like to put the cache name and GC # on it. If I put in my cache submission form and unchecked the "Yes this cache is currently active" box, would I receive the GC# when it's approved? Would this show as a temporary unavailable cache? Would it show up at all on any listings?





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Yes, your GC number will be assigned upon submission of the page.


If you un-check the box for the cache being active, it will NOT show up in the approval queue. The volunteer reviewers treat these as "caches still being worked on and not ready to review and approve." This is useful, for example, when you need to tell a land manager the URL and/or cache number for your cache page, as part of a permit process, or if you want to label your cache with its GC number.


Don't forget to go back and check the box when you are ready for the cache to be reviewed. Several times per month, we get complaints from people about delays in approving their cache, when the problem is that the cache is not marked as active. (There is a message warning you that the reviewer won't see your cache, but that assumes that people read things.)

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