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How Old Are Most Geocachers?

AJ of Dunbar
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OK, so I have a little too much time on my hands today. I created a spreadsheet using all of the data in this thread through 2:00 PM today, ran the numbers through Minitab (a statistics program) and here's what I got using the Anderson-Darling normality test:


P value of 0.009 (meaning data is normal)


Mean : 31.51 yrs

Median: 33.0 yrs

Std deviation: 17.66 yrs

1st quartile: 17 yrs

3rd quartile: 43 yrs


95% confidence level for mean 29.06 - 33.96


By the way, I'm 48. Oh heck, I didn't include my age in the data.

Wait while I run it again....


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