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How Old Are Most Geocachers?

AJ of Dunbar

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I'm 17. My parents go along with me, but primarily for transportation purposes. I do all the planning, all the navigation, and most of the searching. Until reading a few earlier posts, I assumed that I was the youngest cacher who did most of the work in getting the cache. Most people at the events I go to seem to be 50ish.

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I just turned 33 last month, my wife who's only been to the "Timeline Tree" cache in FLorida with me so far is 36, my oldest daughter is 13 and has been to only one cache with me in Canada. She is too busy with her boyfriend to be interested in anything else. My other daughter is 7 and has done quite a few caches with me. She loves it, I think, mostly for the possibility of finding a new toy to play with.

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I turned 18 about a month and a half ago and I'm actual quite surprised at how us young'uns are outnumbered by old folks! Seems to me that geocaching is a sport that would appeal to younger generations, but evidently I'm wrong (a rarity, of course)


Oh yeah I bought some cigars on my birthday (just cause I could, of course. Would never smoke) I got carded too. Go figure.

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ANYONE THAT CARDS ME GETS A HUG. Never ask Me if I want a senior discount, wait until I ask for it. DO THIS AND WE WILL GET ALONG JUST FINE WITH ALL YOU CHILDREN! Never make an older person angry. WE KNOW HOW TO GET EVEN. Have all of You tadpoles got this straight? :smile:

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Me... I'm 47, I was carded getting beer at a store. Embarassed the clerk :lol:

Ironman114...... 45 be 46 soon he hasn't been carded for awahile

Our son (Mike).... 16 going on 17, but he likes to the night geo-caching with his dad.

The part time geo-pups:

Rusty.......3.5 years

Spunky......Around 2years

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Let's see - I am 0.19 years old on Pluto...


4 years old on Jupiter,


& 1.75 years old on Uranus...


How many Earth years would this be???


This is a test of one's math skills, INCLUDING mine.


(disclaimer - no prize will be awarded for the correct answer!)





0.19 years on Pluto = 47.063 Earth years

4 years on Jupiter = 47.44 Earth years



1.75 years on Uranus = 147.123 Earth Years :lol:


Have you considered calling Guiness and being recorded at the world's oldest cacher ?

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