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Hitchhiker Hotel To Arlanda Airport

Captain Morgan
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Hello geocachers in Sweden, especially in Stockholm area!


Could some of you make a hitchhiker hotel cache to Arland Airport?

It would be very useful for moving TB's and other hitchikers

around the world, as over 15 million people travel via Arlanda

every year. Container should be located pretty close to

terminals, within a walking distance.


Here's an example for you:

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport Hitchhiker Hotel


This hotel has served already 35 hitchhikers, most of them naturally

Travel Bugs, since the hotel was built in April 2003.


Regards, Captain Morgan

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I cant see a TB Hotell close to Flesland Airport in Bergen ( Norway )

Flesland is a connection Airport to Oslo and Amsterdam, Kopenhagen, and London


I can place a TB Hotell there if you want.

The airport is olny 15 min to drive from where I live so i can maintain it easely.


Edit: typos

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I can't find a TB hotel at many nice warm places around the world, if GC wants to pay me to get there, it's fine with me :D


There has been a response in the Swedish forum about an Arlanda TB hotel from user "S.P.A.M" and they are planning of placing one, but haven't found a place yet...

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