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Sportrak Pro Firmware 5.0

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Same here. Install 4.03 and all will be well again.

Unless you happen to be a touch-typing, Direct Route using dude. If you're in that subset, the option are A) live with the crashes (that Magellan denies) B ) modify your habits to not trigger the problem (don't flip screens so quickly, delete waypoints only every 3-5 caches, don't enter a goto that isn't displayed on screen, etc.) or C) revert to an earlier firmware version, giving up the Direct Routing you just paid $100 or more for.


None of those are wildly appearling to me and I'm getting really annoyed by it all.

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I had several problems too like with vers 5.0 with 4.5 it let showed my distant to target with that black line in the new version it barely works . the tracking dots are only visible about half the time the other half they just dissappear then reappear 10 seconds later. this sucks while driving at 55mph looking to see if you get off on this road or the next.

also my unit will restart also if I push the buttons to fast , it will either restart or say "loading' then display the info.. kinda strange you know.

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I was just commenting at the MTGC club meeting last Sunday that I haven't had any shutdowns with 5.0 in several months. Well, the very next day, I handed the GPSr to Luvzbooks to enter a waypoint while I was driving and it crashed on her! This is clearly a problem, though Magellan has denied it on multiple occasions. FWIW, I've been avoiding the crashes by never selecting a waypoint from the map screen (I only select waypoints at the compass screen) and always waiting for the map to fully load before hitting NAV to switch to the compass screen.


FWIW- It seems to be hit and miss, but I am one of several SporTrak owners who report that 5.x paints the maps faster than 4.x (regardless of detail level settings). For me, the difference is _very_ noticable. Not all SporTrak owners notice this difference.


Now if Magellan will respond to my email for an RMA on the case cracking issue (that they also deny).... but that is another thread...

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:D I download 5.0 about a month ago with no problems until yesterday. It powered down several times and then lost ALL the user waypoints we had stored.


I cleared all memory (figured I might as well, since the waypoints were gone anyway) and initialized again. It shut down again today.


I will report it to Magellan, and if it continues reload v4.x.

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YES! I was wondering if I was going crazy. This has happened to me quite a few times on my SporTrak MAP. Most people suggest going back to 4.06, but I haven't gotten around to it.


It is worth noting that I did a complete "clear memory, which reset everything back to factory defaults. I haven't had the problem since then, but that could just be a coincidence.

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:blink: I submitted a RMA explaining the situation and asked for a link to get v4.06 again until they worked the bugs out of 5.0. This is what they said

Dear Magellan Customer


we do not have this version available


what you will need to do it re-install the firmware

update but first clear the memory before and after

it updates the receiver.


Thank you for choosing Magellan

Have a great day



Technical Support Engineer

Thales Navigation

960 Overland Court

San Dimas, California 91773







I will reload it using these instructions. I will let ya'll (and Thales) know what happens. :D
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