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Caching Yum Yums

tubby and

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I can get these really cheap at work. They taste pretty good, they've only got about 200 calories which beats loading up on a Big Mac and fries before a hike, and they're actually good for you.

The Zone Perfect bars are about the only nutrition bar that I can stomach. They actually are pretty darn good!


If I'm going for a long hike, I tend to carry trail mix and jerky. A local grocery store has several different kinds of trail mix in bulk and I mix those all together. It makes a great mix at a pretty affordable price. Sometimes I pack a PB&J. It usually gets smashed though and then the dog is really happy! She loves PB&J. :D


I've enjoyed a few beers at a mountaintop cache.


My Dad and I have been known to pack in beer. Stick it in the cold lake or stream, go fishing and come back to drink it later. Works well.

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Are you guys in 'survival mode'? Trail mix? Granola bars?


When the cache is over a mile hike we will bring along chicken, wine, cheese, crackers, fruit salad, apples, maybe some sandwiches, and water.


Sure, we have the granola bars in the pack, but they're getting pretty old.


The homemade oatmeal cookies sound good. :D

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A Wagon Wheel is a tasty treat involving chocolate, some white creamy stuff and some wafer in a round patty kind of shape. They sometimes have jam in 'em too. The are wrapped in individual little baggies, perfect for lunches. They are popular in Australia and Canada through the Weston company. They have been featured as a biscuit of the month at nicecupofteaandasitdown.com

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