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Garmin Booth At International Centre Show

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If anyone in the GTA is interested, Garmin has a trade-show booth scheduled for this years Ontario Out of Doors spring fishing show.

I was there two years ago and was impressed by the booth size, displays and representation. Additionally there was 2 or 3 retail dealer booths, one of which had a 10% show discount on all items including hand-helds, Mapsource, Fugawi, etc.

I may drop down myself just to see what all the fuss is about with the new colour display units.


Cheers, Olar

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I was going to give you a blast Olar....


But it was my fault, I went to the Outdoor Show that is there this weekend and did not see a Garmin Booth.


There was no GPS's to be seen at the show??????????


But I see the one you mentioned is next week and not today.


But I did get some free Advil so when I read the forums and get a head ache I have a cure now....... :P



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Was at the fishing show and talked to a couple of the guys at the Garmin booth. My first question


1. Whats the delay in shipping the 60c to retailers in Ontario?

Response: They just started sending them. ( they are in the mail :lol: )

The bilingual laws are holding up the process because they cannot ship a unit to ontario with just an english manual, it has to include a french manual. :lol:


2. Any word on the Canadian Topo software that was supose to be out months ago?

Response: They will be here in 5 weeks. :o


A couple of the typical salesman answers. You would think that Garmin would be better prepared for a new product release. I like their products but they need to work on their customer relations.


I talked to a couple of the retailers that were there(no need to mention names :lol: ) but they were not to impressed either and were just as frustrated.


On the plus side I actually got to play with a 60c and it looked pretty cool and was not as big as I thought that it would be. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that my order will eventually show up!


Fire Eater

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[2. Any word on the Canadian Topo software that was supose to be out months ago?

Response: They will be here in 5 weeks.]


has anyone else headrd anything on the canadian topo software?

gpscentral.ca says mid april?


garmin says:


Thank you for contacting Garmin:


I am unaware of any plans to release a Canadian Topographical software from

Garmin. The Garmin Etrex is compatible with many types of Mapsource

software to include US Topo software. You can check the Garmin website:

www.garmin.com for new product announcements when they are made.


Thank you and best regards,


Aaron Smith

Product Support Specialist

Garmin International


anyone heard anything else?

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