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Travel Bugs


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I've come across this situation on a few occasions and I'm curious. Upon finding a cache, I've discovered multiple travel bugs (5 in one case). I do not feel right taking all of the bugs. I ussually take one or two, logging just those and leaving the rest for others. My questions are...


Do you log those left behind as finds? (afterall, you located them)

Do you log only those you take?

Should you only take one or take them all?



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Do you log those left behind as finds? (afterall, you located them). Do you log only those you take?
I would only log those I took, though I would mention that the others are still there in the cache log.


Should you only take one or take them all?
I'd take the following (quick guess formula):

Bugs in cache minus the number of visits to the cache in the past month (up to a limit of how many bugs I could place in 2 weeks).



1) The markwell guideline for moving TBs is two weeks. It seems to be an acceptable amount of time to hold onto a TB. I don't want to hold more bugs than I can move quickly.

2) I'd hate to see a TB sit in the same cache forever. Figuring everyone takes a TB, then that cache should be empty within a month. If lots of people visit in a month, no need to take all the bugs. If no one ever visits that cache, then it's search and rescue time.

3) I've taken bugs I can't "help" on the grounds that no one else who visited that cache in the past few months seemed to be able to help them either. Maybe placing them in a newer cache will bring the right cacher to the bugs

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