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Bugrace Sweden-south Africa-sweden


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Hi all, within a couple of hours will the Bugrace from Sweden to South Africa and back to Sweden again start, more exactly at 1400 Swedish time (on saturday 14th) GMT+1


There is 32 bugs in the race, and they come from Sweden, Finland, Norway, UK, Germany, USA and Canada.


There is fine prizes sponsored by Groundspeak Inc and GeoShop.se for a number of different winners.


More information about the race can be found at www.bugrace.tk.


One of the best ways to follow the race with instant updates are thru the event cache where all the bugs were placed, and with the new cool feature on GC called "View Bug History" on the right side of the page can you see how all the 32 bugs are doing in the race.


We would like to thank all racing bug owners for sending their bugs to the race, and also thank the sponsors for the prizes...


I mailed a sports betting company if they could give us the possibility to bet on who would win the race, but I didn't get any answer from them... ;):(

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Just an update:


The race started very strong, but then it faded, but now it seems to be moving again (when it gets a little bit warmer outdoors).


The first travelbug has FINALLY left Sweden, and has been picked up in Brussels, Belgium.

A couple of more bugs are on their way away from Sweden.


Three bugs are MIA, they disapperead from the same cache.

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