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Tracking Cogeo Coins

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The other day we found our 2nd Oregon Geocoin since we started back in October and I'm having difficulties trying to log the darn thing.


The first time we found a coin it wasn't marked with the cogeo.org website so we just passed it along, however this one was. I went and posted the coin on their website, however I noticed that the person who placed it in the latest cache never logged taking it on their site nor logged it on the the geocaching.com site as a TB. Is there some reason for that?


Anyway, I've just spent the past 2 hours trying to figure it out again, with no luck B)


Can someone please help me??? :unsure:



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They are not trackable as TBs on GC.com and most often they are not entered on the cogeo site either. Most end up in the collections of the finder. Of the 20+ I have released I think only 3 or 4 have been logged more than twice. Such is the lot for thses coins, most of us expect them to be kept rather than moved very often.

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