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Cache Position Report Feature


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Hi.. a possible feature to suggest...


We went to a cache where 3 or 4 of the last 5 visitors mentioned that they found the location was off by 20-30 feet...


Here's my suggestion..


Add a position-report for each visitor. Have the web site use these to provide and calculate an averaged value too... (throw away far away ones, etc)


This would be a field you would enter the GPS position along with the text.. separate than the text and something you could verify for numbers

-- check to see that it is "near" and then use it to provide something like


It would be one more fun thing to do at each cache too!


Position: X Y

People say its closer to: avg(all valid entries)


in the header...

What does everybody think? B):unsure:

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Well there is already a place in your log ready-made for reporting the coordinates for where you found the cache. All that's missing is the "averaging" feature you described. A bit fancy for my taste. If I'm concerned about the coordinates or have trouble finding the cache, I will read the prior logs to see if different coords were provided by a geocacher known to me for taking accurate readings.

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There is already a way for one to post their own coordinates for the cache location in the "log a find" link. The problem lies where the searcher possibly did not find all of the clues. There is a cache that I know of where there were two clues hidden, although only one was needed to find the cache, where working with a single clue the cache was at least 85 feet off. I have not been able to ge back to find the second clue, so I do not know if it would have helped. I notified the owner, as well as the local approver, of my concerns about the cache. Since, there have been no changes I am willing to assume that the second clue would have helped.


If you truly believe that the coordinates are truly off, first contact the owner, second contact the local approver, and third post your own coordinates. But, don't arbitrarily ruin the search for your fellow geocachers. Do what you think is correct, but also think about the above steps that I discussed before you do it.



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We went to a cache where 3 or 4 of the last 5 visitors mentioned that they found the location was off by 20-30 feet...

30ft or less is completely acceptable in my opinion. If I find a cache that is farther that 30ft off, I will usually take averaged readings and post the averaged coords with my find log (unless the cache is a puzzle cache, then I would post offset coords from the solution). You also should take into account the environment (tree cover, tall buildings, etc.) when deciding if the coords are really bad or if the reception is bad. Usually, if a cache is hidden in a poor reception area the cache owner gives good hints to help you.



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i guess for accuracy fun going to the markers is more like what I'm thinking than caching..


What markers? Benchmarks? I think you're going to be in for a big surprise since scaled benchmarks can be hundreds of feet of their listed coordinates.

Every time I go benchmarking I ask myself why I even turned the GPS on.


I think if I just leave it off until I'm taking the photo I'll probably have a much higher success rate.

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