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Appropriate Anagrams

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There's a prize for anyone who can generate anything interesting from "Nzbuu".

Actually, there's no prize, just some respect.

How about 'nu buz'? With a little imagination this might sound like new booze, and with a little more imagination that could be white lightnin' or moonshine in the U.S. You can mail the respect to Rodney Dangerfield. :unsure:

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I have loads so here is a small selection -


Hi urgent shag (needed)

(The) hungriest hag

Haggish tuner (me when i'm drunk)

A the gush ring :D

Nag her tug his :wub:

gash her gut in :D

Gran (has) huge s*** (S*** has been put in by the American system, so how about about the Scottish word for it "Jobbie")


I think I better stop there

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Well now...


Simply Paul brings us:


Supply mail (I always get asked this when I'm trying to be anonymous)

Pupa Slimly (My Pimpin' name)

Amyl Pupils (Sounds like a punk band)

Pimply Saul (A simple spoonerism can be a joy forever)

"Paul! My slip!" (Brings back some bad memories of when I was 14...!)

Mull pay slip (Proof of Scottish earnings?)

I pump Sally (!)


However, my real name brings delight in the shape of:


Hum Spital (I hate it when I get this)

Thai lumps (It's a ladyboy thing)

Hit a slump (It can happen to the best of us)

A hump slit (Now I know why people call me a c- Leave it!)

I palm tush (When I can get away with it)

Humps tail (Pass :o )

Thai plums (See Thai lumps!)

Thump lisa (Only in self defence)

Tulip mash (A dance craze from the 60's?)

A s*** lump (I hope my mum doesn't read this)

Thumps Ali (He might move like a butterfly and sting like a bee...)

Hits, um... Alp (No way to land a plane)


And best of all, caching-wise:


Hi, Map Slut!


dadgum, they got me ;)


More to follow, if I find the time to look for more in my busy schedule...



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