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300th Find Coming Up - Need Idea's

Seattle Seekers

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I figure I'll be coming up to my 300th find sometime in the next week or two or three depending on the weather. B) I'm looking for idea's on a good cache to make my 300th. :D My 100th was "Maud Lake Viewpoint" and my 200th was "...and a whimper". I'm looking for something with a nice hike leading to an excellent view. Not any more difficult in terrain than "...and a whimper" though because then I wont be able to get my kid to come with me. B)

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Franklin Cache any time.

Galloping Gertie at lowwwwww tide.

Scooby Doo's Sister, or Steilacoom Stash near sunset.

Kanaskat-Palmer for a picnic.

Hamilton Viewpoint for a quick find then celebrate at Pegasus Pizza at Alki.

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How about this: Skagit Bay View from Craft Island Kid friendly, great view. Just don't go at high tide.

That's absolutely one of my favorites, too, and I did it with a 5 year old, at low tide, during hunting season to boot. I don't think the tide is a problem for Craft, and a low tide is actually a condition for adding Hike to Ika Island - another absolute favorite.


Other recommendations that meet your specs are Ebey Bluffs and Col. Ebey's Time Capsule on Whidbey Island, and most of the Deception Pass area caches with a view to the West. It's too early for recommendations that would bring you up into the mountains, I suppose.

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