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I am a premium member. I loaded easy gps on a computer running windows 98 about a year ago and it worked great. I bought a new computer with windows xp. i loaded easy gps and ran a querie. when I go to download the caches to easy gps it doesn't download it opens up another window that doesn't make much sense. I can go to caches and manually download and easy gps will open up and accept the download. anybody else had this problem?

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Sounds to me like it might be a file association problem. The .loc and .gpx file format is similar to a format used to display data on web pages (I want to say XML but I'm not sure on that.)


If you (right click and) save the .loc files to the desktop is the icon the friendly yellow smiley or something else?


You may have to change the file types of some of the "helper" files in ie or netscape too, but I don't remember how to do that either.


I hope that was some help. I'll keep looking around for some more info.


edit for right clicky thing.

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If it's a compatability issue, you can change how XP opens an application.


Find the .exe file for Easy GPS...right click and select properties...select compatability...and set it to 'open in windows 98'


I am runing XP. I don't remember if I had to do this with Easy GPS, but I have had to do it with other apps.


Good luck


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I think I remember hearing that there was a compatiblity problem with the version from the easygps site.

harleycache - did you load easygps from the gc.com site or from the easygps site?

I won't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure from GC.com





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